Men's Clothing

Ponto Footwear

Ponto is a sustainable footwear brand built for the Changemaker. Our shoes are made almost entirely from recycled & bio-based/ materials.


Outdoor sports apparel that can be worn year-round, inside, outside, in the city or on the mountain. For everyone.

Paradis Perdus

We're Paradis Perdus—on a mission to create a concise collection of high-fashion pieces that are beautiful and better for the earth.


The most thoughtfully designed everyday sneakers? Atoms makes comfortable, sustainable sneakers.


Svenklas is a sustainable luxury lifestyle brand creating artful products using plant-based natural materials for life's everyday journeys.

Thousand Fell

Sneakers designed to never go to landfill? Thousand Fell makes durable, biodegradable, and recyclable sneakers.


A sustainable brand providing men with the only underwear their balls deserve. Known for the revolutionary pouch; a palace for your phallus.


A members-only rental service for designer menswear. Access hundreds of styles and discover new brands with zero commitment.

Mud Jeans

MUD Jeans makes high quality, sustainable jeans. Recycling every single pair after use.


EVERYBODY.WORLD makes thoughtful goods for a lifetime of use. Designed with people and the planet in mind, and responsibly made in LA.


Feel better while you're on the move with BioRomper, a head-to-toe body suit made with recycled, antimicrobial fabric.

Season Three

Season Three is an outdoor lifestyle brand making heritage footwear for a new generation.


Stiksen is a Swedish premium cap brand for men and women. We offer best-in-class, Scandinavian and minimalistic headwear.

Dr. Motion

Dr. Motion makes compression and wellness socks for men and women designed for everyday wear, designed with wellness, comfort, and style in mind.

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