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MARGIN offers contemporary care products starting with a lightweight moisturizer.


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25 days ago

I have not stopped using Margin. Everything about the product makes me feel like a million dollars. From the product experience when opening it to getting those first few drops in. The exact care product I've been looking to add to my routine. BRAVO!

3 months ago

Honest to god best product for face out there. I only use their stuff. Everything else sucks. Stop looking around and just sue this. The aesthetic is great, the product is great, founders are great. You have their moisturizers and cleanser and you can throw everything else out. Insanely good stuff.

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2 months ago

Incredible products. I was first captivated by the brand and packaging. The product itself is wonderful. I love the cleanser. With some gel cleansers, it doesn't really feel like it does anything. With this one, my face feels really clean while still cleaning gently. I love the moisturizer as well. Its a little bit pricy but it feels really hydrating. Will definitely continue using Margin.

a month ago

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Moisturizer is light weight and smells amazing. Cleanser is the best I’ve found on the market.

5 months ago

Woah, Canada. Lots of ink has been spilled on Margin's packaging + product design, so I'll only add that a moisturizer with a life-affirming scent and salicylic acid (which you figure is why it's popular with aesthetically-minded dudes), indeed, makes for a skin-renewing product.


Hypothetically, would it be the case that they were subsumed into a faceless, soul-crushing mega-multinational holding company, I would still rock with Margin. Media ain't what it used to be, but in a "Top Shelf"-style editorial series, you would see a lot of Margin.

2 years ago

Received a free product from MARGIN

I love MARGIN's branding, it's incredibly thoughtful and elevated. MARGIN is a light-weight moisturizer – as someone with sensitive, dry skin it's not enough on its own for me. With that said, I love the glow it gives off ☀️, didn't experience any breakouts, and appreciate the fresh cucumber scent 🥒 I'd definitely recommend it to people with oily skin / their skin does okay with lightweight products.


The outer sleeve was a bit snug on the box and therefore difficult to slide off. With such a beautiful box design and photography, I imagine I'm not the only person who would want to keep it, so the sleeve size should maybe be slightly adjusted. I'd love to try a richer formula for dry skin.

a year ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

I ordered this for a thingdrop a month or so ago and entered the wrong shipping address that was undeliverable, oops! A few days ago i got an email from Drew who said it has been returned to him and asked for a new address and it arrived two days later (with a handwritten note!) - A+ for customer service The product details, branding, etc are great. The light cucumber sent felt fresh without being overbearing. It goes on super light and dries quickly. Couldn't be more thrilled with the purchase!


The outer box was a bit snug and was too pretty for me to want to rip it off lol

10 months ago

The cucumber scent of this product is amazing. It creates such a nice daily moisturizing ritual. It is a lovely straight-forward skincare product (the moisturizer), which I really like about it. The packaging is simple and aesthetic.


There are two things that make it really hard for me to rebuy: - the price to volume ratio seems really expensive - the plastic bottle, pump and cap closure are all made of a thick plastic that can’t be recycled. As a young brand, I think Drew can really build environmental thinking from the foundation

2 years ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

I have been using this moisturizer for more than a week now and I really like it. This moisturizer doesn’t claim to be for dry skin so I wasn’t sure if it would be good for my skin type at all but I have really been liking it. I have very sensitive, extremely dry skin that usually burns whenever I apply moisturizer or other face products. This moisturizer does not make my skin sting at all! I can’t use this on its own because it’s not hydrating enough for dry skin (the brand says it’s best for normal/combination skin) but I put it on before I layer on any other hydrating products and this prevents my face from feeling any irritation from the other products and it seems to keep more moisture in my skin.


The box it comes in has an over layer thats kind of odd. The packaging is very nice aesthetically but trying to open the box was frustrating.