Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic offers food and beverages specializing in mushroom-based products.

Four Sigmatic Reviews

Four Sigmatic reviews


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Reviews mention

  • Innovative mushroom-based products
  • Variety of functional benefits
  • Unique tea experience
  • Worthy coffee substitute
  • Powdery taste
  • Limited flavor
  • Insignificant health impact
  • Expensive in stores

Four Sigmatic is popular for its innovative mushroom-based products like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, offering a unique and enjoyable experience. However, there are mixed reviews about the taste and noticeable health benefits of their products. Some users find the products powdery and not as flavorful as expected, while others do not observe any significant impact on their health.

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a month ago

I was skeptical of mushroom coffee, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how much it reminded me of coffee and how little it reminded me of mushrooms. I am still in the small sample size, and I don't know if I would ever Completely forego coffee, but Sigmatic is definitley making a worthy substitute.

K cups

4 months ago

I've been a fan of Four Sigmatic since early in the mushroom-based product days. They were the first to really make mushroom-based coffee, hot chocolate, and chai tea alternatives trendy, increasing their product mix to include a variety of additive functional benefits. The chai latte, in particularly is a great pantry staple.

Chai Latte

a month ago

Tried one of the mushroom supplement mix ins after constantly hearing the podcast ads. Can’t really speak to how it affected my health as I didn’t take it for very long given the taste wasn’t great. I know there’s supposed to be a lot of health benefits though but I couldn’t get with it

3 months ago

Loved as a pistachio latte at NeueHouse back in the day. Delicious. Bougie. Occasionally worth it.

a month ago

Coffee tasted pretty bad but I expected that for the mushroom content. That said I didn’t feel any impact over regular coffee. Went through about half the box before giving up and going back to regular.


6 months ago

appreciate what they’re doing, but as a coffee lover this does not come close. no, i am not a white chocolate caramel girlie so its not the sugar i’m missing. its more so that it tastes like dirt and is very bitter but not in a fun coffee way.

2 months ago

Love the matcha latte flavor. It mixes well, is creamy and a hint of coconut and sweetness. Not sure I feel all that different/better after drinking them but are enjoyable and feel like a treat.

3 months ago

I think you have to really believe in the functional aspects of the adaptogen promise-- I'm not sure I do. But the product tastes okay, I think I do see a cognitive difference between taking this versus regular coffee. We had a chill product (hot chocolate) that my daughter liked before going to bed.

chill cacao