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FabFitFun offers a subscription box that delivers full-size, premium products intended to promote happiness and well-being, delivered 4x per year.


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18 days ago

I had a subscription and really loved the variety of products, and that I could choose between some things. The boxes are expensive but for what you get, the price is really great. There were only a few things I received that I didn’t really like, but I just regifted those to someone who would appreciate them more.

3 days ago

Really loved this in the beginning but there were a couple of times that I've gotten repeats of past products.

10 days ago

I bought my daughter a gift at an annual subscription to Fab, Fit, Fun 4 years ago for her birthday and that's all she's wanted ever since. Every year I ask if she wants something different but she is adamant that I keep gifting her this subscription. The products she gets are awesome, and sometimes she even gives some back to me :) We really love the way you can personalize what you're getting, and change things around if you're not perfectly happy with what will be in your box. Birthdays sorted for as long as they're still in business!

holidays box 20232019 box

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4 days ago

What a joke..winter box is full of junk basically . 2 glasses, laundry bag a yoga block and a few make up pieces..I am guessing because I cancelled my subscription and this was my final box I got leftovers

holidays box 2023

5 days ago

I received a trial box from a friend. Thought I was paying for shipping, ended up charging me the full total.

20 days ago


FFF boxes have gotten sad the only stuff worth getting now is the skin care, all the other selections for customizations look cheap and low quality. They don’t have any of the good quality stuff like they used to when I had this subscription 2 years ago. If you do want anything worth while you have to get it in the flash sales but as for what you get in your subscription box, it has become lackluster. If I had known it was like this now I wouldn’t have signed back up for an annual subscription but this was my last box & I'm definitely not renewing ever again.

4 months ago

Influencer for FabFitFun

I received a few of these boxes as an Influencer & while the price is fairly reasonable for the number of products you'd get in each box, I felt overall it was a box full of things I didn't necessarily need or use. Some of the products were great, but the majority seemed a bit random. It also seemed like they tried to hook you in the subscription platform by making the first box really good & the boxes following were subpar. It could make for a fun gift, but I personally wouldn't buy in.

6 months ago

I had seen this subscription box advertised for years so I finally broke down and ordered one. Like others have said, maybe all the good stuff is gone by the time the options open for the monthly members (over the annual members), or maybe they have started taking shortcuts but the box I received had hardly anything in it and none of it added up to being anywhere near the price of the box. I was very disappointed but I will give it one more try before I cancel.

4 months ago

I was a member for a year, and it was really hit or miss! I found the boxes to be geared toward products I didn't necessarily want to buy. I also found that a lot of the items were cheaply made (and sometimes broken). I will say the ability to shop from the marketplace almost made it worth it to keep subscribing.

5 months ago

It's fun to get a surprise, but I often found myself disappointed in many of the items. It feels like a waste to get random stuff I won't use.