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4 months ago

so far i've only tried their deodorant and floss. love their packaging and aesthetics, that's what mainly attracted me to this brand. their deo in the 'coconut' scent is amazing, performance wise it's just okay- an average 'natural' deo. it's kind of chalky, really dry and leaves a white cast on my brown skin. the floss cleans my teeth well it's just thinner than i prefer my ideal floss to be and it dries out in a way, like gets super hard and stiff when left out for a few minutes which causes it to shred and get stuck between my teeth, highly uncomfortable feeling. also super expensive, costs $2 more then cocofloss (which most people's main complaint is the cost) for 3yd less product. i will not be repurchasing. i still haven't given up on this brand their containers are amazing for travel so i'll keep purchasing if just for those.

a month ago

I purchased their shampoo bar but it did not work for my hair nor my spouses. But it turned out to be a fantastic shave bar, and their body soaps are great.

5 months ago

I really like the brand's mission and refillable packaging but did not like the deodorant. I did not find the odor-control to be very effective and application was too messy. The hand sanitizer was fine, but I probably won't repurchase once it's out.

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a year ago

Love this brand! I use their deodorant everyday. Easy subscription format to refill and I like that it reduces impact on waste.

2 years ago

Absolutely love what Humankind is trying to do but the products just don't seem to compete yet. I even love the reusable containers they sell, and was really excited about the design and idea behind the mouthwash glass but the mouthwash itself just didn't seem that great.

2 years ago

I bought their hand sanitizer pack because I enjoyed the packaging and plan to reuse it with a different brand of sanitizer. I didn't enjoy the fragrances of the sanitizer and the texture was the usual type that pilled when you rub your hands together.

2 years ago

I bought the mouthwash a bit over a year ago, and I find this to be a super cool concept and it is pretty well executed. I no longer have to waste paper cups when I use mouthwash, and with a tablet I do not have to worry about using too much mouthwash accidentally. I do not use mouthwash too much, so I am still getting through my first set of tablets. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of the lemon flavor I chose, but at the time I believe they were out of peppermint. It does a decent job of cleaning my mouth, but it is definitely not the most powerful mouthwash out there. However, I love the glass container that came with the tablets. It is super easy to clean, is the perfect size, and best of all the mouthwash tablets are stored in the lid! The container has a little line to show you where to fill the water to before you drop in the tablet, so even if you run out of tablets you can use this to portion any other mouthwash. I am really a huge fan. Though I did check their website, and if you want to buy this set now it costs $5 more than it did a year ago, which is quite the increase but it is totally understandable since I feel like I got mine for an amazing price.


I would like more flavors if possible. I am not a fan of lemon or ginger, so I would be interested in another type of mint or maybe some other fruity flavor.

2 years ago

I really wanted to love the products but was quite disappointed. The deodorant does not seem to be effective and it is a bit bulky, especially if you travel with it. The mouthwash box keeps opening so not great for traveling too. The toothpaste is ok, and the only product I liked was their floss.


Hope they would improve products and packaging< I love the idea behind the brand.

a year ago

I love what this brand is doing. I used their deodorant for a while, but natural deodorant just doesn't work for me. Not an antiperspirant, which would take aluminum, so I get it, but I sweat like a dog. Great product, loved the packaging, and smelled super good.