Oral Care


Boie makes personal care products that are longer-lasting and recyclable.


A new generation of dental care drawing on Ayurvedic medicine & native Australian botanicals to cleanse & support a healthy mouth and body.


PÄRLA is a sustainable, ethical and effective choice of toothpaste that looks after your smile – and the environment too.


Biorhythmic toothpaste. Powered with Nano Hydroxyapatite and nootropics like Guarana and Valerian. Nurturing your mouth & mind, day & night.

Better & Better

Premium natural, vegan toothpaste with organic ingredients and vitamins in a 45% less-plastic pouch.


Microbiome skincare with a patented complex of pre, pro & postbiotics. Specially formulated for sensitive skin.


Clear aligner treatment with remote monitoring by an orthodontist.


Quality oral care products that are kind to the planet. Designed by dentists and delivered straight to your door.

Moon Oral Care

Oral products including a teeth whitening pen co-created with Kendall Jenner promises brighter teeth - anywhere, anytime.


Ordo offers modern, high-quality oral hygiene products at affordable prices. We believe oral care should be a simple and beautiful experience designed for everyday life.


Elevated teeth-whitening products, made with a patent-protected formula.


Oral health products that are designed to be gentle. From the team at Tend - NYC's top-rated dental studio.

Zero Grocery

As the first plastic-free online grocery store, Zero provides high-quality groceries and everyday goods without the trash.


Remi is a DTC sleep and wellness company selling custom night guards and custom teeth whitening kits for 80% less than the dentist.


Cheeky, the affordable custom night guards service, sends teeth grinders and clenchers a new custom night guard every 3 months.


The world's first & only personalized teeth whitening kit. Brilliant results in as little as 5 minutes a day.


Deliciously refreshing and packed with clean ingredients, clinical benefits and mouth-healthy vitamins. We call it science + wellness toothpaste.

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