Hair Care


ROWSE offers a clean and effective skincare routine made from raw plant-based ingredients.


Handcrafted beauty and grooming products created with natural ingredients from the Mediterranean.


Introducing patent-pending haircare concentrates - clean, waterless pastes that are activated by the water in your shower. 3x concentrated and packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum tubes.


A new line of personal care products filled in sustainable packaging made from soap. Waste can be completely avoided. Now on Kickstarter.

Color&Co by L'Oréal

Personalized at-home hair color by L'Oréal, for men and women, offering virtual on-demand consultations with expert in-house stylists.


Frigg is a beauty brand that believes that our mood impacts the health of our hair, skin, and body.


There are no bad hair days, only bad habits. SHHHOWERCAP is the shower cap reinvented ® As seen in ALLURE, Vogue, WWD, Essence, and NYTimes


Microbiome skincare with a patented complex of pre, pro & postbiotics. Specially formulated for sensitive skin.


Prose is a hyper-custom beauty company, pioneering a sustainable approach to haircare; truly custom products made with clean ingredients.


Your own personal chemist for your healthy hair & scalp journey. Shampoo & conditioner designed just for you - that evolves with you.


Clean, conscious, concentrated haircare inspired by the future.


Carra is a hyper-personalisation platform offering bespoke hair care routines, expert advice and product recommendations.


re_ is a package-free grocery store designed to make it easier and more affordable to shop sustainably.


The at-home formaldehyde-free keratin treatment that eliminates frizz for six glorious weeks.

Zero Grocery

As the first plastic-free online grocery store, Zero provides high-quality groceries and everyday goods without the trash.


The first ammonia-free foam hair dye, ever. Hally has taken the guess, the mess, and the stress out of at-home hair dye.


A hair-care brand that focuses on root and scalp health, from Harry's Labs.

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