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Babybell makes snack-size cheeses individually wrapped in red wax.

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  • Classic
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  • Pricey
  • Wasteful
  • Creamy

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19 days ago

A classic! Not my favorite flavor, but a great protein-rich and satisfying snack.

4 days ago

Babybel is a classic cheese snack, I love that you can take it on the go and use it in many different ways. I personally love their mozz as it isn't sour or has a weird after taste!

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4 days ago

I don't eat dairy cheese but recently tried their vegan babybel cheeses and they were really good!! A little pricey but reminded me of the real babybel

6 days ago

I'm so grateful there is finally a dairy-free version of these!! I love to have these with lunch or on a snack board. They are super pricey, but I think that's just where we're at with plant based foods. From my recollection, it tastes really close to the original dairy ones.

13 days ago

I used to eat 7 of these a day and did not die. These are great protein sources, but not super creamy or flavorful.

19 days ago

Been snacking on these since they were in my lunch box in elementary school. Such a staple, quick and easy snack.

4 days ago

I think this is the perfect take along snack. Perfect, packaging, size and taste.