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Stance Socks offers american apparel and socks that combine style, comfort and performance.


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23 days ago

Stance does a great job at creating thinner socks. I like them when wearing slide-on shoes like vans, but otherwise prefer a thicker sock than these. They are on the pricier side, but the colors & designs are cool.

3 months ago

One of my favorite brands! The socks are fired with many styles and color patterns! I will never have enough pairs of stance socks. They are long lasting too!

5 months ago

High quality socks. I still have my very first pair from like 10/11 years ago. They never get holes and are just so comfy.


I can’t always afford new pairs because they are pretty pricey if not on sale.

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5 months ago

I first came across these socks at REI. I've only bought the no-show women's socks in S, but they're a great fit and don't slide around. I've also purchased from a brick and motor and it's fun to see the different designs and styles they offer. They also make great gifts since they have themed socks. Looking forward to trying other products.

4 months ago

Great socks for outdoor activities and camping. Thick and kept my feet warm.

4 months ago

I buy Stance's snowboarding socks and they are the BEST! First, their designs are always the first to catch my eye, nothing else compares. And the fact that they are great quality — they are made out of a thick but breathable material that doesn't feel like it will tear easily. The compression is the perfect amount for me as well. The past few pairs of snowboard socks I've bought have all been Stance, so I think that says a lot. Love 'em.

5 months ago

Great athletic and hiking socks. They really hug your feet and don’t slide around inside your shoe/boot. I’ve had pairs for over 5 years and they look brand new. Extremely durable.

4 months ago

Love these socks, I swear they never die. They are awesome to wear snowboarding and they hold up for everyday use as well.

2 years ago

I love these socks, the subtle branding is great, the fun designs are cool, and the white crew socks are a solid staple.


Sadly, after only a couple weeks of use both of my socks have a hole in the bottom :(

a year ago

I have purchased several styles of socks, high, no show, and running. All are great quality and work really well!