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Something & Nothing sells low-calorie seltzers made from natural juices, extracts, and botanicals.

Something & Nothing Reviews

Something & Nothing reviews


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All31Hibiscus & Rose Water1

4 months ago

I don't tend to gravitate towards sparkling water but was sold on Something & Nothing's modern flavors and simplistic packaging. The water is less acidic than some, with a light flavor that makes it incredibly refreshing. The Hibiscus & Rose variety, in particularly, is unique, floral, and delicious.

Hibiscus & Rose Water

5 months ago

I love these! The flavors are light and good without being too sweet or fake-tasting. Very refreshing & I would definitely stock these at home if they weren’t so expensive 🙂

5 months ago

Huge fan of these. If the bodega has them, get it!!!!! The cucumber seltzer is the most refreshing drink.

5 months ago

Huge fan! Very flavorful and a great taste - also extremely refreshing. Similar flavor potency to a Spindrift - you can definitely taste the flavors. I wish they were more widely available in my area, but whenever I find them in a store I am sure to buy one. The Yuzu flavor is always a favorite when I have friends try them!

a year ago

The Yuzu seltzer is the perfect drink and maybe my favorite seltzer out there-- the packaging is also just swell.

6 months ago

Such good seltzers - definitely my favorite of the brands that I have tried in the UK. The yuzu is my favorite, and the cucumber is also amazing and refreshing!!!

9 months ago

Incredibly tasty. The perfect spot between flavored seltzer (a bit bland or artificial) and a soda (unhealthy calorie bomb). Gorgeous packaging.

2 years ago

High quality and taste good but not something I reach for if I have a choice. That’s probably more of a preference thing!


Slightly stronger flavoring

a year ago

I love these seltzers! Seltzers can be so boring sometimes—yes, everyone loves a lemon sparkling water, but how many brands make a yuzu seltzer or hibiscus and rose? The flavors are delicious, the packaging is lovely, and the cool factor is undeniable.


More flavors please! Surprise me!