Public Goods

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Public Goods sells affordable personal, home, and pet care products made from sustainable materials and healthy ingredients.

Public Goods Reviews

Public Goods reviews


63% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • High-quality, lightweight products
  • Clean, sleek product design
  • Offers organic, sustainable items
  • Well-valued personal care items
  • Membership-only business model
  • Limited product variety
  • Slower shipping times
  • Frequent out-of-stock items

Public Goods is appreciated for its high-quality, lightweight, and soft products with clean and sleek designs. They offer a range of organic and sustainable items that are well-valued, especially their personal care and food items. However, customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the brand's membership-only business model, limited product variety, and slower shipping times. There have also been complaints about items being out of stock frequently and the undifferentiated nature of some products.

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102 reviews

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2 hours ago

I wanted to try out their products. Part of that process forces a $79 yearly membership (with trial). You can only cancel by emailing them, which is scummy already. This information is hard to find. You can't remove your credit card information while they're waiting to charge you for the subscription. You can't refuse the trail when ordering. The dishonesty of these practices makes me wish I hadn't ordered from them, regardless of the quality of their product.


6 months ago

Love the concept and love pretty much everything I’ve bought from them. Highly recommend this store for cleaning product, toiletries, and household essentials.

4 months ago

Tried quite a few items since they've come out years ago. While most basic things are great, I prefer personalized products when it comes to haircare and skincare to target problems.

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6 months ago

I went to a bachelorette this weekend and they had public goods shampoo and conditioner. I was scared to use it especially after swimming because I have finicky hair that feels like straw unless I use certain brands and I was pleasantly surprised. My hair actually felt soft and dried not too frizzy after using.

3 months ago

I tried the hand soap that is meant to be an Aesop dupe and it is nothing like the Aesop hand wash. The scent made me nauseous and the texture was weirdly thick.

hand wash

a month ago

I tried the membership trial and genuinely liked the products, however I hate their business model and for that reason will not be buying from them again unless it changes. I do not want to have to pay for a membership just to have access to single-branded, limited variety options. It just doesn't make sense to me. If they were to lose the membership and allow consumers to purchase their products just like any other regular online store then there are definitely a few products that I would repurchase regularly.

a month ago

I signed up for this when they were offering lifetime memberships as a way to gather investment. Their shampoo and conditioner are nice enough. I believed in the concept as a whole, but I do think I prefer buying individual products from specific places - verify my own needs are met etc. I have not found enough value to continue to come back and order more from them.


5 months ago

Their dish soap smells amazing; it literally smells like Sweettarts and it is really effective to.

6 months ago

I've tried a few different items and all were very nice basics. They're not memorable as being amazing in any way but I think that's the point. I also appreciated the nice minimal design.