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Pact makes clothing and linens for men and women using environmentally friendly materials.


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3 days ago

DO NOT BUY FROM PACT IF YOU ARE IN CANADA!!! Pact charges Canadian sales taxes but does not provide refunds for sales taxes on returned items. On top of that, they impose a steep $25 fee for covering the cost of shipping returns. So, in essence, let's say if spend $100 on items and paid a sales tax of 5% GST and 7% PST ($12 in this case). When you send the items back, you not only lose the $12 sales tax, but you also have to bear the additional $25 shipping fee. That's $37 lost for nothing. This practice about not refunding the sales tax strikes me as odd and rather deceptive. It is important to note that it is not legally permissible for a company to charge sales taxes on items it did not sell. When I reached out to customer service, they informed me that they are unable to refund the sales tax because it is "remitted to the government." However, I find this explanation to be unsatisfactory; it seems more like a weak excuse than a valid reason. They cannot remit taxes for items they did not sell. It's simply pure logic. Furthermore, Pact fails to be transparent about this policy anywhere easily visible on their website, which is another disappointing aspect of the overall experience. Considering that Pact Organics claims to be a B-corp, I expected better. It is disheartening to see them fall short in this regard. I cannot trust them for these rather deceptive practices.

3 months ago

I am a little surprised at the mixed reception on this website. Personally, I have always held Pact as a pretty durable and ethical clothing brand. I would never defend a company with good intentions if the product is not serviceable, but all of the Pact products I have purchased are still in tact. These products are used weekly and I do not treat them delicately. Not to mention, I have products from as far as back as 2018 and many products in the years after. My favorite article of clothing comes from a purchase that my boyfriend got on clearance. There used to be a type of "heavyweight shirt" that they sold. He still uses his almost every week, and when he doesn't, it is because I stole them. They feel as strong and heavy as a pair of Levi's 501s with a brilliant mossy green. Their packaging is Eco-friendly and I have had great experiences with their shipping in my area. I cannot recommend Pact enough.

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2 months ago

Loved the dresses and sweat paints until I washed them… not looking like they will last as long as I hoped. Great fit, love they are environmentally friendly.

4 months ago

Pact has some of the best basics! All of the pieces I own are buttery soft and of really great quality- definitely a staple brand in my house! Highly recommend!

4 months ago

I love the cotton parties. They don’t hold up as well as I’d like and they run on the small side. BUT, the pros outweigh the cons to me because it’s difficult to find truly nontoxic undergarments.

4 months ago

I have so many of pact dresses and skirts, and even pajamas in my wardrobe. If I can help it this is the only brand I will shop. I love their ethics and how quick they are to respond. The downside is zero.

3 months ago

Canadians beware! They will charge you taxes as per your provincial standard (gst, pst, etc) but will not refund it you return your product. So you will lose your taxes as well as their restock fee.

4 months ago

SCAM Company? !!!! My very first order. I did not receive my package. USPS said I needed to work with PACT to get my missing package. PACT said I needed to work with USPS. Therefore, there is no way to fix my issue. PACT customer service said they could not help me. PACT customer service told me the only option is to call my credit card and try and reverse the charge through them. They have zero customer service and can't help if you don't receive your item. I am unsure if they are even a real company or if they are a scam.

5 months ago

I purchased a pair of organic cotton leggings about a year ago. Seemed of nice quality, good fit. However, with a moderate amount of wear and washing they're coming apart, full of small holes on the upper outer thigh. I have numerous other brand of tights and leggings that I have worn for YEARS. One pair I obtained from Goodwill (second hand people!). None have deteriorated like this. Won't be shopping here again. Fast fashion is one of earth's biggest polluters and I have no use for things that wear out quickly requiring to be repurchased.