Baby & Kids

Petit Pli

Clothes that grow. Petit Pli is a multi award winning wearable technology company based in London.


Outdoor sports apparel that can be worn year-round, inside, outside, in the city or on the mountain. For everyone.

Rockets of Awesome

We make the most awesome kids' clothes. Whether you Subscribe + Save or order when convenient, we're here to simplify the lives of parents.

Super Smalls

Super Smalls is a feel good kid’s accessories brand and gifting destination that celebrates the sparkle in all of us.


Lovevery is an early learning brand with a mission to give families a support system for a brighter future.


The only disposable diaper where baby's bum touches 100% clean cotton all day instead of plastic. It lets butts breathe. So you can too.


Clixo is a modern magnetic play experience that combines the magic of origami with the ease of classic building blocks.


Life-size building toys for active play. MODU is a system of blocks, connector pegs and wheels, which can be built into numerous functional toys


We make simple, modern toys that last. Full of stories and imagination. To be enjoyed today and treasured tomorrow.


The only baby food brand that lets you choose your texture. Steamed, microwaved, mashed or puréed in moments.


EVERYBODY.WORLD makes thoughtful goods for a lifetime of use. Designed with people and the planet in mind, and responsibly made in LA.


Nestig is modern nursery brand that sells thoughtfully-designed and sustainably-produced cribs.


ANGELCAB strollers combine natural materials with technological innovation, functional design and traditional craftsmanship.


We created Mockingbird to offer parents premium, well-designed baby gear at an affordable price.


A food technology company that locks fresh nutrients into a convenient pouch. The baby food line is designed to mix with breastmilk.


Påhoj is the new bike seat that turns into a stroller in a second. Why choose between a bike or stroller, when you can have both?


Momful creates nutritional supplements designed specifically for the unique needs of a breastfeeding mom.

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