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Impossible Foods makes meat, dairy, and fish straight from plants, striving to make a sustainable global food system.


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4 months ago

I love Impossible Foods, especially their burgers. There is even a local burger place that offers Impossible Burgers as a meat-alternative, which is great. Impossible Foods have a great consistency and flavor, so much that even my non-vegetarian friends love it. In addition to their burgers, my family and I also love their sausages and "chicken" nuggets.

2 months ago

I like to try having meat free options at least once a week. I was presently surprised using impossible foods products. It’s never really going to taste like meat, but it’s a great substitute that doesn’t taste gummy or weird.

a month ago

Nugs 🙏🏼 Love that they have them at Trader Joe’s. Very convenient.

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2 months ago

Their patties is all I’ve ever had and I love it. The closest vegan patty to taste like the “real thing”

3 months ago

The "beef" is the best mock-meat on the market. The breakfast sausage has very good flavor and texture too. Not a huge fan of the sausages, but that's typical for me. LOVE THE NUGGEST but wish they weren't full of wheat and gluten.

4 months ago

I'm vegetarian and the only things I miss from eating meat are hamburgers and Chickfila - Impossible makes me not miss hamburgers anymore - I seek their patties out at restaurants and constantly keep them stocked in my fridge - NEVER disappoints.

5 months ago

I love everything Impossible makes. From ground beef, to chicken nuggets to breakfast sausages. Everything is made from plants, but has such a meaty texture. The ground meat and patties ‘bleed’ like real meat which is wild! Highly suggest trying!


Everything is brand does is wonderful!

a month ago

I actually really like the taste of an impossible burger. A little less guilt than animal protein!

2 months ago

After nearly two decades as a vegetarian, Impossible Foods has made it possible for me to have dishes that I would never have been able to try before. It’s not perfect, and sometimes tofu does the trick better, but the level to which their products have been adopted in the restaurant space (through a great amount of marketing and money, I’m sure) has been a game changer.