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Impossible Foods makes meat, dairy, and fish straight from plants, striving to make a sustainable global food system.

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a month ago

As someone who doesn't eat meat, I was really excited by the introduction of Impossible Foods line of plant-based burgers and other meat-free products. I was even more intrigued when cooking them and noticing just how realistic they are to cooking and tasting like meat! Upon further review, I am disappointed by all of the added ingredients and oils to make them appear this authentic and tremendous degree of processing. I look forward to finding a less processed alternative.

15 days ago

Excellent meat replacement and, to my knowledge, environmentally conscious and healthy. I'll often reach for impossible products even when meat is available, simply because they satisfy the craving so well and provide the protein and nutrients you'd want from animal products.

pattyground beef

21 days ago

I've been a vegetarian for almost a decade now, and Impossible Foods has made being veggie so much easier. I really appreciate the burgers especially - dry restaurant black bean burgers are the bane of my existence, so it's great to see so many places switching to Impossible meat. I don't know if this replicates the taste of meat exactly, but the taste and texture is so much better than what I was getting previously. It also means there's vegetarian options on the menu at places where I would previously go hungry or be stuck with bar snacks. Honestly the real gem of Impossible foods is that it's made hosting my carnivore family members so much smoother. Most of them can tell the difference between Impossible and real meat when it's served plain, but when I use ground Impossible meat in a heavily sauced and seasoned dish (ie, lasagna) it's almost impossible to tell the difference. Makes cooking a meal for a mixed crowd so much easier. For a full-time vegetarian, Impossible meat is definitely not something I eat every day or even every week, but when it's useful, it's REALLY useful. Overall has made life way easier and more tasty.

pattyground beef

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23 days ago

Mixed experience with Impossible - some of their products are strong, others for me, it comes from the challenge of trying to mimic meat, versus sticking to alternative but not meat. I prefer Beyond, but wouldn't deny eating Impossible if that's what's available (said as a meat eater)

9 hours ago

I'm vegan so I've tried a lot of their products and think they're really good! However as someone who tries to eat healthily, this just isn't a product I can eat very often because of the ingredients and added oils, etc...However if you don't really care about that the flavor is really good!! Their sausage in particular is my favorite

pattyground beefsausage

2 days ago

Impossible foods was one of the first trendy meat alternatives on the market. I’ve had their products at restaurants and also purchased patties for home. I think they taste closer to “meat” than Beyond Burgers but people sensitive to textures wouldn’t like it. I do recommend it as a burger alternative. I did not like the sausage alternatives


23 days ago

Tastes good, very beef like. Allows a vegetarian or vegan to not feel left out of cookouts and BBQs which is great socially <3


14 days ago

Friends with Impossible Foods

I enjoy an Impossible burger every now and then. Introduced them to my family a few years ago and they were pretty into it. My brother has a vegan girlfriend who I thought would be excited to have Impossible burgers but she said that she hates anything that tastes like meat. Ah well, I tried!

pattyground beef

14 days ago

I have tried the Impossible Sausages, and they were really great! My meat eating boyfriend even enjoys them, as they emulate authentic meat exactly. The flavor is so strong and delicious, and any vegetarian or vegan would be satisfied! In addition, I love the companies motto of being good for both people and the planet. Would recommend this product to all! I hope to try more of this companies products moving forward.