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Hair Story makes a range of hair care products for all hair types.

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10 days ago

I'm not sure if it's just not right for my hair type but this did nothing for me. It weighed down my hair dramatically and it didn't feel very clean after washing.

New Wash: Original

19 days ago

Started using this after my hairdresser began carrying it. Love the original cleanser. The DEEP version is not worth anyone’s time. Smells awful, rancid, and I’m sure it’s due to the apple cider vinegar. My hairdresser doesn’t find it effective either. I had written in a feedback email to them regarding this experience; they were quite sassy back. Replaced my purchase with the original formula, but in a much smaller oz. delivery…? Bummer. Now I stay purchasing the original through ebay or mercari. Too expensive straight off the site. Powder offers insane texture— obsessed. Hair Balm offers such a balanced hold. Undressed is nice, but I’d put the other two products first in terms of noticeable results. Love the refillable option. Be sure to know how to recycle the pouches— otherwise, what’s the point? They don’t always provide recycling instructions on the pouch. The bottles dent easily but that’s ok. Won’t break in your shower. I haven’t been able to use any replacement pump successfully yet, as I don’t like the ones provided. The 32 oz. bottle in particular has a pump with lots of crevices. It catches product… and mold. Which is visible. It’s white plastic. Overall I do love New Wash: Original. I’m a lazy girl, I love using one product. Be sure to take your time and really massage it thoroughly each time you cleanse. Read up on how the product works and the science behind it— it provides a good understanding of how to use it accordingly.

New Wash: OriginalNew Wash: DeepHair BalmTravel BottleMassaging Scalp BrushBottle & Pump: 20 oz.Bottle & Pump: 32 oz.PowderUndressed

4 months ago

I love the idea and concept and used it for many years. My hair has been the healthiest for the time I used it! But I decided not to re-order for now because of two factors. First it is too expensive. Second it does make my hair heavier as it results in a certain built-up which may just be my own oil. It never really felt clean clean. My hair got shinier but it lost volume. I wish the ingredient were 100% organic.

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5 months ago

Did co-washing products have exist before Hair Story? I can’t answer that, but I will credit them with helping to bring co-washes to the mainstream. Almost every hair care brand offers co wash now that it’s hard to justify Hair Story’s price points. I can’t say that I’ve continued to patronize the brand now that I can easily find co washes at Target and drug stores. I will say the difference is that Hair Story’s co washes are thicker and more buttery. Do they work better? I wouldn’t say that. But if that is your preference, the mass hair care brands don’t compare (they’re thinner and little runnier, kind of like regular conditioner). Are most co washes basically hair conditioner? Again, can’t answer that. All I will say is, co washes are a non negotiable part of my hair washing routine. I do have the scalp massager from Hair Story still that I got as a GWP. You can find a similar one elsewhere, but the thick, silicone bristles are perfect for massaging the scalp without causing tangles. Gentler on hair too.

3 months ago

Easy to use and the idea is nice that it would be just one item instead of multiple, but it leaves my hair heavy and I end up using clarifying shampoo every few washes. I am also not loving that I have to add the purple tint myself. I won’t purchase again

8 months ago

I've been using this for 3 years now and it's changed my hair completely!! I get compliments on my hair all the time now and I can embrace my natural waves without using crazy amounts of product. I love their New Wash (I'm oily so I use their Deep), Hair Balm, and Undressed spray, and that's all I need! Love that the ingredients are so clean that you could wash with it everyday if you wanted, without damaging your hair. My advice is to really work the wash into your scalp with a shampoo brush. For me, it makes a bigger difference than if you were just to use your hands. Gets my scalp cleaner and I can skip a few days before washing again.


The New Wash package is a bit of an awkward shape. Would like a better shape thats easier to squeeze the product out.

6 months ago

I love their original New Wash product, but I took away a star because it is silly expensive and I loathe the packaging. You have to pay extra for a bottle (excuse me, what? Isn't this already like $45?), otherwise you get this weird bag (as pictured) and its super awkward to get product out once its half empty. Otherwise, it smells like a spa and really does clean your hair. I have wavy, long, fine strands with oily roots and very dry ends. I use this twice a week (when I can afford to purchase it at all) and feel like it regulates my oil production and helps the lengths not get dried out. I always use the accompanying scrubbing brush to really work it in, but I have to use a lot of product for it to really clean as there are ZERO suds. It feels like putting lotion into your hair and takes some getting used to (it's hard to trust anything is getting clean with no suds!) but it washes away cleanly and leaves hair soft.

7 months ago

I'd debated buying Hair Story's products so many times, desperate to finally bring out the max potential of my curls while also aiming to get rid of my persistent scalp issues. While I never repurchased from them, I think many people can benefit from it. It is a very hit or miss product, and you do need to give it some time. You also definitely do need to be careful to thoroughly wash the product out of your hair and to put it in a secure spot when not in use, as the packet will happily go slip 'n sliding. I bought the Heavy one along with the scalp scrubber. The scrub had to be thrown away when it filled up with water in-between the silicone scrub piece and the plastic, growing something I wasn't really willing to continue watching grow. Not to mention taking a warm shower only to feel ice cold water hit my scalp during what is supposed to be a relaxing moment is definitely not that... In the end, I decided to not repurchase as while my hair felt addictively silky soft with slightly more curl definition and my hair was completely clean to the touch, my roots were left looking greasy. It was to the point where those close to me would point it out, trying to be helpful, despite my having just washed it that morning. The ease of traveling with it was nice, too, but the amount needed for each wash day made me sort of unwilling to continually spend that much on it in sort of small periods of time. That, and while the formula was good, I wanted more out of a hair wash than it could offer me, including not looking like a grease-bean.


I am not a fan of their new website... their old one seemed nicer, more organized, and more refined. It's still more than useable, though, so it's not too big of an issue to me.

a year ago

Even after quitting heat tools my hair was still chronically dry, poofy, and shapeless because I couldn't stop myself from washing it every single day. I tried Hair Story on a whim on January 2020 and have been using it ever since, and my hair has been the healthiest it's ever been, even completely changing textures! I use the regular version and I do not find it leaves my hair oily at all, and I have finally been able to feel clean enough to wash every other day (especially with their dry shampoo powder thing)! it's been a really life changing experience with their products. While expensive, I've found it completely worth every cent.


My only complaint is that I've had multiple shipped orders go MIA or not shipped, which was mostly annoying in terms of timing. Customer service always sent me a replacement, thankfully, but the process between ordering and receiving could take up to 3 weeks in situations like that. While I do like the packaging (makes it easy to get every single drop out) I'd be curious if there was a more efficient way to dispense the shampoo bag in a shower.

6 months ago

I've been using New Wash for about five years, pretty much exclusively. It takes some getting used to, but I love the way that it brings out what little natural texture my hair has. It makes it beautifully shiny and I like that it replaces both my shampoo and conditioner. If my hair has gotten very dirty, I sometimes need to wash twice, or use some additional product like a scalp scrub to get the rest of the way clean. It works really well in combination with the silicone scalp scrubber that they sell. The gentle rosy scent is great. The price is pretty high, but I've found it to be worth it. I have a small qualm with the packaging - I do the subscription service, which includes a stainless steel pump bottle and refill bags. The product is slightly too thick for to work well with the pump bottle they send. I still use the pump bottle and refill it, but there's room for improvement there.