Therapy Notebooks

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Therapy Notebooks designs guided notebooks to help you learn and practice evidence-based mental health tools.

Therapy Notebooks Reviews

Therapy Notebooks reviews


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18 reviews

5 months ago

I'm a sucker for a good notebook/workbook and Therapy Notebooks are such a great idea. They offer options for self-care, depression, anxiety, insomnia, trauma, and stress. I believe they have a new one out for learning to build better habits. At $28-$38, it's actually a reasonable price. I only wish the font was a little bigger so that if you want to use it at night or with only a soft light on, it wouldn't be such a strain to read.

6 months ago

REALLY CHILLIN! If you want to find a book that is not really deep or just read to relax, this is a book for you.

4 months ago

Definitely takes a little bit of disciple to use it regularly enough to see the benefits, but overall a great product!

3 years ago

Received a free product from Therapy Notebooks

I think it's a great idea and is grounded in some thoughtful science around cognitive behavioral therapy.


Majority of the notebook is the same template repeatedly and is meant to be used situationally - aka whenever you're feeling anxious. I think it could be a lot more powerful (and habit building) if it was something that guided to daily use. Text is also a bit teeny tiny.

3 years ago

The feeling after journaling is really calming, and I think journaling on physical paper is much more effective than on a screen. I especially like the snippets of information from therapists in this notebook and come back to them often. I love that I can use it completely on an as-needed basis.


Make international shipping cheaper :)

a year ago

Influencer for Therapy Notebooks

I love using my therapy notebooks! These are amazing tools to help you navigate your feelings and or mind when your in a slump - without the therapist cost!!! Get to know yourself better, and find out what is hindering you through the power of writing and self-reflection!

2 years ago

I just received my notebook today. It is very well organized, and I love the hardcover, paper stock, etc. I only wish it was more of a notebook size. The font is small, and my handwriting is also significant. I can make this work, but simply sharing a more significant size might work better for some people, so having a choice would be great. Thank you for this tool. Great tool, excellent content, and format.


I wish it were a more comprehensive book; It would be beneficial. I plan to start using this tonight. Also, It would be great to have an onboarding video series.

a year ago

I have been using both the Anti Anxiety and Therapy notebooks. Both are excellent tools for clearing the mind by externalizing your thoughts and emotions without the pressure of talking with someone about it. I would recommend this company and its products to everyone, this includes people that are doing CBT with a counselor/therapist.


I would love to have a more condensed version of these notebooks. Without all the additional pages of information since I am purchasing repeatedly. I would also consider purchasing a digital template version of this for writing on my iPad. :)

3 years ago

I think the science behind it is super helpful, but it's tough to get in the habit of using the journal. The notebook itself is really nice and looks really classy.


I wish there were different sections to it - one section that's a daily journaling thing and then one that's an "in the moment" thing