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Skylar creates clean perfumes that are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.


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a month ago

Love the scents and that the brand is focused on clean ingredients. I will say that it doesn't last super long, so you might have to reapply multiple times before going to a big event. But for a regular everyday perfume, it's a good option.

4 months ago

I absolutely love Salt Air, oh is very salty skin like perfume. I live in an Island and the concept encapsulated my entire childhood and live, having fun in the beach.

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4 months ago

Obsessed with the scents but I do find that they don't last long. Their commitment to using safe and gentle ingredients is commendable. It's refreshing to find a brand that understands the importance of both beauty and skin health. Just wish it stayed on for a while

10 months ago

Fantastic fragrances - huge fan and also use their hand sanitizers in the past as well.

a year ago

I don’t have sensitive skin or cosmetic allergies, so I can’t take into account that aspect of Skylar. The subscription service is kind of fun! It’s really easy to skip for a month if you’re not into the scent. I was a member for several months, but ultimately stopped my subscription because I wasn’t using the glut of rollerballs I had accumulated. I didn’t find any of the scents to be particularly long lasting or really that interesting. I think it may be fun for a preteen/teen, but as a 20-something it’s felt a little like rebranding of Bath and Body Works/Victoria Secret body spray. That said, it’s nice to have a variety of scents I can throw in a bag or take traveling. For $20 a month it’s a fun little treat, but there just want much longevity for me


Coupon codes never seemed to work correctly. User accounts do not work super well on mobile.

7 months ago

I love the scents! However, there is very little staying power. I found myself having to reapply several times during the day.

a year ago

The subscription model doesn't work for me however I do enjoy most of the scents I received. They're very lovely and last well.

8 months ago

i live how clean the brand’s ingredients are! they have many scents that i adore and many you will too!


i find it hard to smell the top notes in their fragrances but otherwise i love them!!