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Pipette creates healthy and sustainable products for babies with sensitive skin.

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6 months ago

Pretty good sunscreen for baby. Leaves a white reside like most zinc sunscreens. I trust the ingredients.

3 months ago

This is the sunscreen I use daily. I love the ingredients but I will say it's a bit thick and does leave residue unfortunately. I haven't found a better one so I will keep using for the time being but it would be nice if it didn't leave a white cast.

a month ago

Skip the diaper rash cream. Everything else is wonderful! I have solely used their products on my baby - the wash, lotion, and balm. I have washed baby, and followed up with the balm or lotion from birth (I lean more for the balm) - and will continue to do so. Affordable, and wonderful safe ingredients.

baby lotionbaby balmbaby shampoobaby washdiaper rash cream

3 months ago

I had high hopes but I didn’t love it. It’s a good price and a good brand but it just didn’t do it for me. I think it’s an excellent option but the eczema lotion actually gave my baby a rash. The scent choices aren’t really my thing either.

6 months ago

I'm a big fan of Pipette! Their clean ingredients give me peace of mind for my baby's skincare needs, and the lavender vanilla scent is a lovely touch. I have all of their products; shampoo, balm, lotion, oil, &sunscreen. What surprised me even more is that when I used their baby shampoo on my irritated scalp, it worked wonders. It transformed my dry, dull hair into something vibrant and healthy. I highly recommend Pipette to all moms – it's a skincare brand that delivers on both baby care and self-care

2 months ago

One of the best baby brands out there. I was nervous with a newborn and what to use/put on my child's skin and Pipette made me feel great about using their products. Highly recommend and I tell all my new mom friends about them!

6 months ago

Purchased the Pipette Baby Balm for a co-workers new baby girl as part of a supreme gift bag I gave her. However, upon returning home decided that since I’ve never heard of it before or used it on my children as I’m 50+ that I should test it first. Loved the un scented first, also no petroleum jelly, tried it in the back of my hand & loved the texture & that it rubs in fairly quickly. So, needless to say this not yet a grandma decided to keep it for herself & apply it to my face at night after prepping it. Put it everywhere. Went on easily. A little goes a long way but then decided to give it the big test. Slugging. So slathered my face & upper chest with. Took a minute but it fully absorbed. Now, we’ll see if I wake up with skin as soft as a babies butt.

9 months ago

The Baby Shampoo + Wash from Pipette was my bebes first body wash! My primary requirement for a baby shampoo was to be unscented, which this product fulfills. We have used almost the entire 12-ounce bottle in conjunction with Eucerin Baby Eczema Reflief Wash. While Pipette's shampoo effectively cleans my baby, I found that it is slightly harsher on their skin than the eczema wash. To maintain balance, we alternate between both products every two days, and that has worked really well for us :)

2 years ago

I have yet to try the rest of the products I've purchased, but this is my personal experience with the mineral sunscreen. I had high hopes, but I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. The formula is a little watery (which I don't mind) but I found that, at least for the travel size, it would occasionally leak out of its packaging. After using the sunscreen I notice my face feeling dryer than normal and I felt like the sunscreen was taking moisture out of my face. Maybe it wasn't meant to be for my face, and I'll be using the rest of what is left on my body. :)


leaky formula or different packaging? I feel like there should be a longer stopper for the bottle hole to prevent excess product from flowing out