Nugget Comfort

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Nugget Comfort makes a foldable play couch for kids.

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Nugget Comfort Reviews

Nugget Comfort reviews

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51 reviews

4 days ago

So fun for the kids and washable covers! A little pricy but well worth it

5 months ago

My husband was hesitant, since we have limited space, but now he is a Nugget believer. We purchased the double brushed version because we have a dog, and we do find that it's fairly easy to wipe off the fur. We got it when baby was first crawling, honestly a little early, but it has continued to prove fun and useful. We even use it to sit on in baby's room while he plays. I purchased the liners as well - felt like those were a little pricey. I do have to say that the covers and liners were extremely easy to put on. The workmanship is very apparent. Every friend with a child has recommended this to us, and we do the same now. I'm hopeful that they will come out with some add-on shapes for the set. Word of warning(!), it was pouring rain when we received the package, and the orange on the box got ALL OVER my white sneakers and light jeans - it did wash out, but I washed them immediately.

6 months ago

My fort building kiddos love it. The cushions are firm and the double brushed covers have been holding up well. I wish they offered various shaped companion pieces but my kiddos love it all the same. Only negative is the high price but from what I've heard from friends who have had theirs for 3+ years - you get what you pay for!

a year ago

Super fun to make forts, and comfy to lounge on and read books. Very cute color. I don't loooove the material -- it feels a teensy bit cheap and really easily absorbs mess.

9 months ago

Comfortable, nice looking, good price - simply a must have for horizontal parenting. HUGE plus for covers being so easy to wash and put back on!

10 months ago

I love this idea. One of my friends had one and kids love them. It works for very little kids to older kids. The price is so high for what it is though. I got a knock off from Amazon for 40% off and it is pretty much identical.

a year ago

I love the Nugget so much. My toddler is in the phase where he likes headbutting things and jumping off the couch. The nugget gets out a lot of his terrorism energy and I really enjoy sitting on it as well. It also doesn't look like obnoxious kid toys in the living room. I love the Nugget so much that I plan to get another when we move, and I see these play couches lasting a long time serving as slumber party mattresses.


Love it, will buy more.

7 months ago

I do not have kids, but Ive owned a few nuggets over the last 5ish years and I would highly recomend them to anyone with kids, but also to anyone looking for some dynamic household seating! My partner and I have used this in place of a couch, especially with two sets you can create some fun layouts. Its a bit untraditional but they allow for such fun flexibility that we havent wanted to purchase a real couch for years. Cover sets can just get tossed in the wash and dry incredibly fast, and bonus points that they are unmatched for movie nights when you lay them out flat and have a big comfy spot to hang out! Cover sets hold up surprisingly well over time! We had one for about 5 years and honestly still looked nearly brand new, especially when cared for and washed regularly. Very forgiving material!

a year ago

We love our nugget it is so versatile and a great piece to have in our sons room. Big kids and little kids alike love it. It is perfect for building forts, slides, and just seating. Definitely recommended

10 months ago

Absolutely was a must buy for our VERY active toddler - we got it when our kid turned 1 and are absolutely pleased with the quality of the cover and the product itself. I will say I gave 4/5 because inside it's just foam/not anything exciting and it is not in anyway waterproof (do not let them have pee accidents). With those reasons being the only downs it's easy to clean if you do have an accident or spill water - and it is so fun to move it around and try different layouts to make it into forts, towers, obstacle courses, and yes, a sofa.

2 years ago

Overall great experience. Really handles the roughness of little kids. Cleans up easily from messes and spills. It is pretty large so it takes up a lot of space. While we do prop it up against other furniture to try and make tunnels or forts, it really isn’t much more than something to sit on.


If you are simply looking for a safe lounging space for your kids it’s great. Just don’t expect it to be much more than that.

2 years ago

I love the colors and the versatility of the product. The space I have is not that big, but the couch can fold up to take up not a lot of space. I can't wait to get a second one or some different cover sets as time goes on!

8 months ago

BEST GIFT FOR MY KIDS EVER! I would be lying if I said we didn’t use these every day! My twin toddlers and my 10 year old love these. My only complaint is you need two and not just one set! Love love love!

a year ago

Love our nugget, worth the hype. I do wish the cushions were easier to wash given their target audience.

a year ago

I bought my first nugget in the height of the pandemic where you had to enter a cutthroat lottery to even get the chance to purchase one. Things have changed. They've opened up a larger factory, have more offerings, but the nuggets are still a hot commodity if you have kids. This is such a great innovative product. My daughter loves makes forts and the nugget can be configured in so many cool ways. The fact that she has two makes her the envy of all her friends. We've had ours for about three years and the nugget has held up to substantial play and wear. It's awesome that you can take off the covers to be washed or even purchase new covers when you want to change up the look. I love supporting a North Carolina company that paying workers a living wage, engages in progressive social practices, and is continuing to innovate their product to make it better.

a year ago

Our children love the nugget. It's super durable and easy to clean. It's also easy to unzip and wash the covers. The nugget is very versatile the kids build things, lay on it, jump on it, use it on the sofa to roll down and have a good time

a year ago

Bought this for a joint kids present last year. It’s been great. The kids have built multiple forts in many places. Helped a lot when we discovered the various Fort models online.

a year ago

We got a nugget back in 2020 during the Covid pandemic when they were extremely hard to get. Since then we have used it constantly, either as a bed, couch, or forts. My daughters favourite thing to do with it is make slides or just use it as a gymnastics mat


Honestly I have no complaints. It’s a bit of a steep price especially for Canadians, but it’s so worth it. It can be used in so many different ways, and is so helpful in keeping hyper toddlers busy during cold winter days

a year ago

As a nanny, the Nugget is one of the best products out there!! No more old blanket and scratchy couch forts, Nugget all the way!! There are endless possibilities of how you can build these and they keep the kids (and adults) busy for hours!! Not to mention they are so comfy!!