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Method makes plant-based, biodegradable cleaners.

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Method Reviews

Method reviews

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  • Aesthetically pleasing packaging
  • Variety of pleasant scents
  • Effective cleaning products
  • Affordable and accessible
  • Lack of sustainable refills
  • Presence of synthetic fragrances
  • Some greenwashing allegations
  • Ineffectiveness of certain products

Method, a widely available brand, offers plant-based, aesthetically pleasing and nicely scented products. They provide a variety of cleaning supplies and personal care products which are effective, affordable and non-toxic. However, some customers have raised concerns about the brand's sustainability, specifically in terms of refill options, and whether the brand is as 'clean' as it claims due to presence of synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Some users also found certain products such as their hand soaps and dishwashing tablets not as effective as desired.

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169 reviews

7 days ago

Received a free product from Method

I've only tried the body wash, but I personally think it's okay. It has a nice scent, and I feel that it cleans well. What I don't like is that it feels a bit thicker than other "natural" body washes that I've tried. My partner also said that using this body wash made his skin itchy, so it may not work for everyone.

16 hours ago

Cleaning products that actually clean well! A novelty these days, it seems.

10 days ago

Absolutely love the method body wash and lotion it’s all I buy now. Smells good works even better plus it’s all natural products

5 months ago

Great soap for the price point. Comes in great scents and refillable options. Easily available at Target!

2 months ago

I have mixed feelings about Method products. Their bodywash 100000/10. Super amazing scents and cleaning power is perfect! Their hand soaps? Fine, but nothing special, overpriced given the quality isn’t outstanding comparatively. Their all purpose cleaners? Meh. Very meh. Smell okay, but don’t get any deep cleaning power.

6 months ago

I tried a lot of their products and I ended up hating them. Smell is strong and artificial and makes me sneeze. I feel like there's a lot of greenwashing going on and it's not the best choice if you care about your health or environment...

6 months ago

Great products! After listening to their How I Built this episode I was a lot more appreciative of the brand and how they got to where they are now.

5 months ago

I bought a giant Method body wash at Costco several months ago. It was the “pure peace” scent with peony, rose water, and pink sea salt. It smelled SO good, and I absolutely loved using it! It just ran out a few weeks ago and I am so sad because we haven’t been able to find it at Costco since. I love that this company is a B Corps, but I am a bit wary about the claims that they greenwash. Overall, I really enjoyed this product and would recommend!

5 months ago

I'm hit or miss on Method. Some of their products are great (I love the shower spray, even though some people swear it doesn't do a thing) and their general cleaning products are great. The glass spray is not the best and has left streaks on my surfaces. I really enjoy the smell of their products as well and the option to buy a larger container as a refill instead of purchasing new smaller bottles (although there is limited availability for larger refill bottles at box stores, like Target)

5 months ago

Great cleaning products! I have loved everything I've tried so far, except the dishwasher tablets - they're not very effective. The all purpose spray, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, hand soaps and dish soap are great!

3 months ago

The only cleaning product I use is Method. Method is the only product I have found that doesn’t aggravate my asthma. I’m Newly diagnosed and switching many things in my life was a must. I use the lavender Method. It’s so nice, it makes everything shine! It has a light smell, not strong. I am a Method consumer for life.

5 months ago

I love that is safe use with septic systems. Always leave my home clean and smelling nice

5 months ago

Love this brand for a clean handsoap. The foaming sweet water is a very pleasant scent all year round. Effeciently cleans without drying out hands. Always readily available at the stores we shop at and very convenient that we can purchase refill bottles. I feel great about using this product in our house and with our young children.

a year ago

I purchased Method cleaning supplies through Grove and I've been happy with their products. They have a nice variety of smells, and while some smells can be a little strong, I like the wildflower and pink grapefruit scents. Method cleans well and doesn't leave streaks, which I like. They offer refills, which makes their products more sustainable.


Good cleaning products with good scents and sustainable options, like refills instead of always buying new containers.

8 months ago

Method’s Cedar and Cypress 2-1 shampoo conditioner is an elite option for people who prefer to use a 2-1. I only use them for early mornings and this is my favorite.