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Martie offers your favorite pantry food brands at a 40-70% discount to prevent perfectly fine products from going to the landfill.

Martie Reviews

Martie reviews


72% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Wide variety of curated products
  • Affordable prices compared to retail
  • No subscription requirement for purchase
  • Offers a range of dietary options
  • Issues with inventory management system
  • Inconsistent shipping and handling
  • Decline in customer service responsiveness
  • Misrepresentation of product sizes

Martie is recognized for its commendable mission of minimizing food waste and providing a wide range of curated products, catering to varying dietary preferences. The brand offers products at significantly lower prices than conventional retailers and does not require a subscription, making it more accessible for many consumers. It's particularly appreciated for its variety of gluten-free items and health-focused foods. However, Martie has been criticized for its inventory management system which often results in incomplete orders. Another recurring issue is with shipping, as customers have noted receiving damaged items or missing items from their orders. Some customers reported a decline in customer service responsiveness and an increase in prices over time. There are also concerns about products being advertised inaccurately on the website.

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