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Jones Road Beauty is an edited collection of high-performance, "clean beauty" products created by makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown.


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19 days ago

Love the simplicity of the products and packaging. The ingredients work well with my sensitive skin, and the website is lovely to navigate. I also love the subtle spicy smell (ginger?) of the balms!

13 days ago

As I approach midlife, I suddenly am fighting wrinkles instead of acne and have dry skin. It’s all very confusing after decades of choosing oil-free all of the things. I’ve tried what seems like a million “regular” foundations and they all sit so heavily. WTF is a very different product. It almost looks like a gel in the jar. Skin must be fairly moisturized before using it, although I don’t need a primer (tg). It applies smoothly—I use a slightly damp sponge for a lighter application and a brush followed by a dry sponge on days when more coverage is needed. WTF is medium coverage at its heaviest. It wears best with a light set of translucent powder. Cream-based products work the best on top of it although I can make powder products work if they are gently applied. They are just difficult to blend. The best thing about WTF is that my skin is not dry at the end of the day when I remove it. And it does actually look like that elusive my skin but better. The price is a drawback as is the packaging. An open-face screw top jar for a foundation product is ridiculous. I can’t think of an option that I would like less than this. Shade range is unfortunately very limited.

What The Foundation

a month ago

The Miracle Balm lives true to its name. I use the flushed shade as cream blush and Bronze as an easy bronzer. During the winter, I use the Au Naturel Miracle Balm all over my face to protect from wind burn while on the mountain. Excellent product.

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a month ago

I'm really surprised by the bad reviews of JRB on here, I've only tried a few products but have been really pleasantly surprised by them. I bought the Miracle Balm in a few colours as I was really impressed with the consistency and results after trying the Au Naturel shade - they live skin dewy and glowing - perfect if you're more into 'no make up, make up' which is what Bobbi Brown is all about. I'd love for them to bring out a cream concealer, as I'm not super sold on the face pencil as I prefer a little heavier coverage. The packaging is nice quality, I like the minimalist branding too.

5 months ago

I was a long time Bobbi Brown line fan and when I found out she was doing her own thing was so excited. I also wanted a skin tint not a heavy foundation. Of the foundation, miracle balm and liquid eye shadow, I only consistently use the miracle balm. The foundation settles and doesn’t work all that well with my skin tone. The eye shadow migrated terribly, but, it’s liquid and I have transfer issues with many liquid shadows.

5 months ago

Have tried a good amount of Jones Road Product and really appreciate how simple and clean they are. I use the eye-cream daily though I never know if eye-creams are effective in general, but it feels nice!

2 months ago


This is the new venture by Bobbi Brown. Some of the products are great - the mascara is amazing. Some are OK - the foundation, really good for dry skin in the beginning but after a few months started developing some granules in the formula. Some are not good at all - blushes in stick have colours that are totally off for pale skins, the lip balms are too dry and the face balm is useless as it makes my face super shiny. Far too many products launched one after the other and awful marketing based on ‘influencers’ that got the products for free. I wonder how many people have actually paid for the products that are reviewed on YT as most people are reviewing freebies. I do not like the aesthetic of the brand (packaging looks cheap). I am not going to repurchase any of the products with the exception of the mascara as it is really good.

3 months ago

I was so excited when they flagship sure opened in Montclair, NJ. The salad associate was really helpful, and over a few months I bought lots of things. I LOVED the miracle balm in the natural shade. I don't wear makeup daily, but this gives my face a little extra glow that feels very natural. The pink shade was nice for the summer. I got the brown pencil and loved it, but my eyelids swelled up right after. I used the wtfoundation and really liked the coverage, but discovered that my face is sensitive to some of the ingredients. I realized that's why my face often gets a little itchy with the products. I continue to use the miracle balm, but have stopped using the foundation and eye pencil, even though I love them. Also love the oil stick, which I keep in my car for when my face is extra dry in the mornings. I would suggest to figure out if you're sensitive to the ingredients before purchasing.

3 months ago

I'm 62 and didn't want to spend a ton of time on my make-up. I've been using What the Foundation for several months, despite my misgivings. The first jar I received was fine. I ordered a second jar and almost immediately, it became very oily and I had to stir it up to blend it everytime I used it. The current jar has little "crumbs" in it as if someone were eating cookies over it at the factory! This will be my last purchase. I was so hopeful.

5 months ago

I spend over $100 for two products. I was very excited about trying it out. I purchased the foundation and the miracle balm. I was NOT...I repeat...NOT happy with the way the foundation and balm felt on my skin. It was oily and did not do anything for my skin. I sent an email asking about the return policy. I received a link I could do nothing with because I did not have the customer order number. I reached out to Jones Road multiple times via email and phone calls (the customer service number is hard to find if, in fact, there is a number to contact them on), no response after the first initial email. So I'm stuck with makeup I cannot use. I highly recommend that you do NOT buy Jone Road's makeup!!! You cannot get in touch with the customer service department! Never again!


When signing in, I would have liked to see the products I purchased and the information requested (customer order#) for a straightforward return process. I want the customer service people to answer my emails. I do not want to waste time searching for a customer service number.