Heyday Canning Company

4.5 ā€¢ 264 Reviews

Heyday Canning Company sells a range of canned beans.

Heyday Canning Company Reviews

Heyday Canning Company reviews


88% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Unique flavorful beans
  • Versatile in meals
  • Elevates culinary experiences
  • Convenient preparation
  • High pricing
  • High sodium content
  • Inconsistent texture
  • Underwhelming flavors

Heyday Canning Company is celebrated for its unique, versatile and convenient flavored beans but is criticized for its high price, high sodium content, inconsistent texture, and some flavors being underwhelming or too rich.

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264 reviews

All264Coconut curry chickpeas79Enchilada Baked beans62Harissa Lemon Chickpeas60Tomato Alla Vodka38kimchi navy beans 32Apricot Glazed Baked Beans5Apricot glazed4Enchilada Black Beans3Kimchi Sesame Navy Beans1

a month ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I had the coconut curry chickpeas and I had it with tofu, broccoli and Banza pasta. It was tasty and felt healthy. It is not as coconutty as I would like and not a lot of chickpeas which is fine for adding it as a sauce but definitely don't expect it to be a meal without adding stuff.

Coconut curry chickpeas

9 days ago

I absolutely love!!! The kimchi sesame and harissa lemon are my two favorites. I also really enjoyed coconut curry. Thank you for making such wonderful products!!

Coconut curry chickpeasHarissa Lemon Chickpeaskimchi navy beans

18 hours ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

Iā€™m loving Heyday! Sustainable, plant-based meals that everyone loves. Easy to make for just myself or for a large group when people come over for an unexpected dinner.

Coconut curry chickpeasTomato Alla VodkaHarissa Lemon Chickpeaskimchi navy beans

4 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

delicious! these beans were so yummy and easy to bring to work for lunch, no can opener needed. I ate one can with rice and one on it's own and loved both. my favorite flavor is the kimchi.

Tomato Alla Vodkakimchi navy beans

19 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I am kind of torn about writing this review. I bought a can of the black beans and the navy beans. The black beans were great I added them to a pot of chili I was making and it was one of the best chili I have ever made. As for the navy beans the flavor was good but they were WAY over cooked. I wanted to add them to a sausage soup i was making and they were mush which was not the texture I was going for. Instead of a brothy soup i got a very thick slop.

Enchilada Baked beanskimchi navy beans

21 days ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I tried the Tomato Alla Vodka beans. They were easy to prepare. When trying them, the first thing we connected the sauce to was the taste of Spaghetti-O's, which is not considered to be a bad thing. I felt like the sauce could have given a little more, and it felt a little bland. I did like the consistency of the beans; they were not too mushy, but we felt that they were not something we would rush back to the store to buy. The brand does have great packaging, and for a new brand, they have put themselves out there, and I have seen great advertising. I like that they have such a variety of flavors and are both gluten and dairy-free, which, as someone who is always looking for dairy-free items, is very exciting.

Tomato Alla Vodka

a month ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

Surprisingly flavorful and tasty! I ate half a can for a quick lunch today (beans on toast). I wasn't sure what to expect but it was well seasoned (it has more sodium than I'd like), well cooked, and great even by itself. I will definitely be trying the other flavors, which all sound delicious. Great for lazy day meals.

kimchi navy beans

2 days ago

Well, these are DELISH! The Harissa Lemon Chickpeas are my fave so far.

Harissa Lemon Chickpeas

4 days ago

I added the enchilada flavour to burrito bowls, and the extra sauce was a great addition. The flavour is really good, and I like them! I can't justify continually paying for these, but if I find them on sale, I will pick them up!

Enchilada Baked beans