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Havaianas makes waterproof, easy-to-clean flip-flops and sandals for all ages and genders.


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24 days ago

Classic - could they be improved upon? Probably, but I haven't thought of how without compromising the simplicity of their design. Naturally rubber flip flops don't provide the best arch support and so you can't walk everywhere in them, but the angle of their cables(?) is flattering on the foot, and they're an iconic swim brand.

18 days ago

Love the different styles and colors. Very comfortable just wish they lasted a bit longer. Will go through a pair in one spring/summer season.

Flip Flops

23 days ago

My favorite everyday flip flops. I have gone through so many pairs and love them. The neutral rubber flip flops are great to throw on for the pool or beach or just as casual footwear. There are so many styles to choose from, you can certainly find a pair to love.

Flip Flops

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5 days ago

Love them for beach trips and travel. They don't last for too long though, and I would prefer something with a bit more arch support. The flip flops are too flat for my foot. Better cushioning definitely needed. I do believe that there are lot's of other better, long lasting options for flip flops now.

Flip FlopsSlipper’s

7 days ago

Tried and true sandals. I've only had one pair break on me by the toe area but other than that, I've highly recommend these sandals.

Flip Flops

a month ago

Finally bought a pair of these last summer and they're the perfect sandal. Super versatile and comfortable, I'll wear to the beach/pool or with jeans to run errands. Have the navy but looking to get a black pair next!

16 days ago

I've bought them twice now, and both times, the flip-flops didn't last more than 3 months. They're stylish with various colors and patterns, but I genuinely feel the price isn't worth it.

Flip Flops

4 months ago

Best thongs you will ever buy. Nothing more than what they are. The metallic range is pretty.

5 months ago

I have had multiple pair of haviannas over the years. They have lasted for multiple years on end after daily use. They are a great classic flip-flop to wear to the pool or beach. They clean really easily and had a minimalist design. The company offers many different colors but I have had my grey ones for over 5 years and they have held up well!

4 months ago

Although these sandals are super cute and easy to clean, I without fail will get a blister every time I wear them.