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GEM makes a multivitamin alternative that blends 15+ whole foods, botanicals, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals in one bite.

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GEM reviews


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a month ago

I really like the Citrus Ginger flavor, but a couple other flavors I tried just tasted gross. No idea if I feel different, I'm kinda just putting some trust in it for now. BUT... I have dreams now... Like I rarely remember dreams but when I started taking this after the first couple days I started remembering my dreams EVERY night! It was so weird! I am certain it was GEM because of the timing of when they occurred, also when I didn't take one I didn't remember my dream that night. Unfortunately that part kinda wore off :( I think my body got used to whatever was doing that. Anyway, I loved that and the Citrus Ginger flavor, but they are very expensive. The cost and only one good flavor is why I'm giving it a 3 star. Also I want the dreams to come back.

Cacao GemCitrus Ginger GemLemon raspberry

2 months ago

Received a free product from GEM

All of the flavors were kinda earthy and tasted like dirt except for the Citrus Ginger flavor . I had gotten a free GEM Essentials Sampler Pack. Which included five of each of their Daily Essentials flavors which were Cacao, Chocolate Cherry Sleep, and Citrus Ginger. The Chocolate Cherry Sleep worked well to put me in a deep sleep, I just couldn't get over the taste. Citrus Ginger was the best tasting out of the bunch and also gave me an increase of energy. Lastly the Cacao was bitter tasting and I didn't see much of a change it was claiming to help boost your mood. Very chewy but grainy texture off putting and they're very pricey. I don't recommend!

Cacao GemChocolate Cherry Sleep GemCitrus Ginger Gem

3 months ago

I haven't taken them consistently, but I've tried the new citrus ginger, and I actually really like the flavor. Also really appreciate that they incorporate vitamins and whole (mashed) foods, instead of just powder.

4 months ago

EDIT: I’m updating my review after using the product for about another month (for ~2 months total). +1 star because I’m noticing improvements to my mood, energy, and digestion. Again, it’s hard to make concrete conclusions about the impact of a vitamin, but from my experience, try GEM for about 2 months to see if it helps. The flavor did get better over time! — ORIGINAL REVIEW: This product is super interesting but has left me sort of conflicted. The quick summary is that these whole-food edible vitamins are high-quality and an exciting start to the morning, but they ultimately do not taste good enough to sustain over time. What’s interesting about GEM is their form factor and content—each bite is a cube of mashed up foods, holding enough nutrients to fill the gaps in a person’s daily nutrition. And I do believe that these ingredients helped me feel a bit better and support my overall health. However, my first impression of them was…sad. I was super excited to try the bites out, but as soon as I opened them, I couldn’t get over the strange smell. The citrus ginger flavor (the default for a new subscriber) did not smell great. The taste was worse. This kinda shocked me because the whole point of the vitamin is that it’s supposed to taste good. So…why did it not taste good? I will say that over time, the taste got better (or I got used to it). But, I didn’t really get excited to eat the thing everyday. I tried the other flavors (cacao and lemon raspberry), and I can confidently say that the lemon raspberry is the best. The cacao has a weird flavor similar to the citrus ginger. As far as the actual benefits I observed, I can say that I felt a bit more energized in my day-to-day, but that’s really it. I think it’s hard to expect a vitamin to drastically improve your life, so it was difficult to notice any substantial changes. I can say it didn’t make me feel bad, so that might be useful! Overall, I’d say to give the product a try if you can get a good discount on it (which you can). At $55/month, it’s a bit too expensive, and the taste does not make up for the price.

5 months ago

The surprise subscription I felt was sneaky and it left a worst taste in my mouth than the product. Which I thought GEM put more thought and detail into marketing in packaging and less into the actual product. Especially because this product isn't backed by anything reputable.

5 months ago

I've tried repeatedly to cancel this auto ship for three months and they just keep on coming. Next step is disputing all charges with my credit card. Terrible customer service. They still sent them even after receiveing an email acknowledgement.

3 years ago

I love the idea of almost everything behind this brand. Whole food, plant-based sources, reusable tins for home and travel, and as someone who absolutely hates swallowing pills of any size, but doesn't love the additives/sugars of gummies, I thought the bites were right up my alley. The taste is palatable but not enjoyable at all (I mean it's a tough challenge). These are probably comparable to those disgusting health shots you try to get down in one gulp but these linger in your mouth even longer. I also didn't feel any different, and mainly hoping I'd see the difference in the sleep essentials one but on the nights I tried them, I personally had normal or even worse sleep than usual. Hopefully, they continue to improve but for now, it won't be a repeat buy for me!

a year ago

I like this company and their mission. Conceptually this product is quite innovative. Instead of taking multi-vitamin pills that have a nasty-metallic after taste and give your fluorescent urine, or sugar-laden gummies, using whole food ingredients to deliver essential nutrients for optimal absorption sounds great! They also use targeted vitamins and ingredients for optimal health, immunity, calm, and sleep. After trying all their products, the one I use regularly is their immunity blend which unfortunately, they are phasing out. I've use their daily essentials, especially like their cacao flavor. While my review of a similar product, Rootless, was a bit ruthless, my review of Daily Gem is not! Why? Because they have figured out how to package the taste of seaweed/algae with the right ingredients - even though they may have "sweet" flavor profiles, they are counter-balanced with tangy (citrus), spicy (ginger), and the use of cocoa/cacao, which blends wells with the seaweed. They figured out the right mix. This is a whole-food, good-for-you, power-packed supplement goodness! I highly recommend!


Possibly explore more flavor profiles (savory, sour, spicy)

2 years ago

I love the concept. But couldn't really notice any change in my wellbeing. I also didn't necessarily look forward to eating these bites. It's okay. But wouldn't repurchase or recommend to a friend.


GEM has odd brand positioning. I think more user testing and product development would go a lot further for them.

a year ago

I really love the concept behind this product. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get past the taste and dreaded taking them. For someone who likes earthy flavors, this product might be perfect.