Copper Cow Coffee

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Copper Cow Coffee delivers single-serve drip filters to help consumers make Vietnamese coffee at home.

Copper Cow Coffee Reviews

Copper Cow Coffee reviews


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66 reviews

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3 months ago

Influencer for Copper Cow Coffee

love the cinnamon in the coffee and you can taste how FLAVORFUL it makes it!

3 months ago

I've tried the classic vietnamnese coffee and it's a really fun and intentional way to brew coffee and the creamer was delicious. It does feel not super healthy for an everyday option so I will likely only be drinking this on special occasions.

5 months ago

I tried the lavender and did not enjoy it. there's little coffee that comes out of these, and it took a while to make. i think i prefer purchasing a viet iced coffee at a local cafe or restaurant over these, but i could see the appeal of the ease of having this in your home.

lavender pour over coffee

3 months ago

I really wanted to like this product. I love the packaging, the concept, the brand's mission, and the fact that it's a woman owned business. So many great things! The coffee was far too strong for me. The concept of pour over coffee is so fun. I enjoyed setting it up and watching it brew! I tried the lavender, but it felt overpowered by how strong the coffee is. Not for me, but it's most definitely a personal taste preference. The company, ingredients, etc. truly seem wonderful!

lavender pour over coffee

5 months ago

I just bought this at Wholefoods over the weekend. It had a nice taste. I am picky when selecting coffee because of potential molds and other junky stuff. The flavor is not overwhelming because they use ground vanilla not the nasty vanilla “flavor” other companies use This is a great choice for someone who is selective with their morning cup of Joe.

VanillaClassic Black Ground Coffee

5 months ago

I love this coffee! The brewing experience is fun and the flavors are innovative. It’s great for on the go or travel too!

Best Brews Latte SamplerChurro Ground Coffee

3 months ago

Overall this coffee is really good! It’s super convenient with its pour over pouch and serving of condensed milk. It’s definitely reminiscent of one made fresh

Classic Black Ground Coffee

4 months ago

I tried two different items and both really left much to be desired. The lavender was particularly awful, as it seemed that pouring boiling water on the lavender made it taste burnt.

lavender pour over coffeeChurro Pour Over Coffee

2 years ago

Tried this for the first time after eyeing the product for two years. AMAZING! Super fun too, something about watching coffee brew is very relaxing. I had the vanilla, perfect for me as I'm not a big coffee drinker. I used the whole packet of milk sugar and will be putting the rest in the fridge to cool the drink down before I drink. So easy to turn into iced coffee as well! Very glad that I tried this.

6 months ago

Definitely a good coffee when traveling compared to drinking hotel coffee. A fun little pour over experience. I wouldn't use one everyday, but definitely enjoyed having a "churro" coffee in the morning occasionally.