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Ursa Major makes natural skin care products designed to be pure, powerful, and refreshing.



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6 days ago

As someone with combo aging skin (46F), I've been on the hunt for years to find a high quality moisturizer that works for me without clogging my pores or making my t-zone shiny. The combination of using The 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic with the Fortifying Gel Moisturizer is the answer to my needs. In lui of cleaning in the am, I use the tonic to remove my skincare left overs from the night before, do a vit C serum then follow with the moisturizer and a mineral SPF. I just re-stocked on the tonic and the moisturizer so I've gone through a bottle of both over the last few months, and my skin is loving em.

a month ago

I’ve used two of Ursa Major’s products; Mountain Glow and their Essential Face Wipes. What I love about them both is how natural, pure, and clean they are and feel. Mountain Glow is a great moisturizer, but I would not say it transformed my skin in the way they purported it would (my major concern is skin firmness and I don’t know that I’d say firmness increased noticeably from using Mountain Glow). The face wipes do a great job cleansing and leaving skin feeling renewed. I use them primarily on nights away from home where I don’t do my full face cleaning routine.

4 months ago

This has been my go-to face wash for YEARS The smell is so unique, and one of the best parts. It's a great price point, does well with sensitive skin, and it leaves your face feeling refreshed (great for oily skin too). I also love their face wipes - which my yoga studio used to have out for post-class use. Love this product and love supporting this brand!

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4 months ago

The 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic is out of this world. This product has changed my skin and helped keep it clear. The face wipes are an excellent on the go option also.

2 years ago

Honestly wasn't super impressed. Doesn't feel like anything special.


The scent was too herbal for me and the face balm stung a bit.

2 years ago

Ursa Major is a solid brand for what I think of as a "Premium drug store" brand. Definitely a better option than the classic brands you might typically find in a drug store, it's a company I feel good about buying from and has clean ingredients, but at the end of the day, there are just products I prefer more, that I normally buy over these. (I do often find myself traveling with their mini deodorant stick and face wipes in my bag though)

2 years ago

I bought the sensitive deodorant but it actually still stung. Which is weird because it had no baking soda which gives me rashes. Also the deodorant wasn't effective.

2 years ago

My favorite product of Ursa Major's are the face wipes. I recommend putting them in the fridge or over ice for an extra refreshing feel.


They're obviously wasteful, but that's a given with single-use wipes. I'd love to see the brand advertise whether they're offsetting in some way.

a year ago

Every product I've tried from Ursa Major has been a hit. In particular, the Golden Hour Recovery Cream, the Fortifying Face Balm, the Forest Alchemy Eye Cream, and the Fantastic Face Wash are all essential parts of my skincare routine. I love that they're trying to put sustainability at the forefront of their business, and I appreciate that it's not the most expensive skincare line out there — but it still absolutely works.


Continue working to reduce plastic packaging and the ability to refill and reuse pumps. The subscription management is a little tough, because I really struggle to know how often I need to order more. I also like the free sample/travel size bottles, and it would be nice to make refillable versions of those available.