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2 days ago

I got a month of Thrive Market because I was genuinely curious about what was being sold... I didn't love that they don't let you browse before purchasing but I get it. I didn't really see a big price difference in any of the foods I normally get so I've decided to cancel and just continue grocery shopping normally. To me, it wasn't worth it, but maybe in bigger cities than Nashville it would be.

23 days ago

This online grocery delivery service aims to replace regular trips to the supermarket, yet they don't stock many basic necessities that shoppers need. I found myself still having to go to my regular grocery store in addition to ordering from Thrive Market. The selection lacks many common grocery items and pantry staples. While they offer some specialty and organic products, you can't solely rely on Thrive Market for all your household needs. I had hoped it would be a true one-stop shop to replace my normal grocery hauls. Unfortunately, the inventory gaps forced me to continue shopping at brick-and-mortar stores regardless of my Thrive Market orders

14 days ago

Thrive Market is great. This is the place where you can get Rosey (store brand) cleaning/laundry products. Rosey has been getting consistently good marks in product tests and I personally have good experiences with their dish and bathroom products specifically. I discovered Thrive because I order a lot of my pantry items online and personally lean into less-processed, fewer ingredient foods. Thrive offers a lot of options on this front, in addition to numerous vegetarian/vegan options and (if you have food sensitivities) gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, etc. options. I've used them for a few years, and I appreciate that they're constantly expanding their offerings. They even have a handful of body products that I really enjoy. The best thing of all is that the discounts they provide are real. I price compare regularly for pantry and beauty staples (and I don't go cheap!), and you can save quite a bit of money by shopping through Thrive instead of a big box store or even the brand website. Also, Thrive brand grocery has been consistently good quality for me. They also give you the option to donate a percentage of your savings on each order. I always default to 50% -- it's a very convenient, reliable way to pay-it-forward.

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a month ago

Great selection of products in the gluten free space and tons of “healthy” snack options, with the convenience of orders shipped straight to your door. Despite the convenience and wide array of options, a lot of what Thrive Market advertises as super discounted products are actually cheaper at my local grocery stores. Price matching is available through Thrive Market, however, it’s not worth the hassle in my opinion. Overall, if you want that convenience-factor, sure it’s nice, but you’re not saving that much money when you compare to products in store.

a day ago

Thrive provides a lot of convenience, and the types of product that I love-- but I wish they had a better variety of international/ethnic ingredients that I have a hard time finding at the grocery store. A lot of the time, I think "I should just do a pickup order at the grocery store" and it saves me money over thrive.

2 months ago

I like the veggie pastas that thrive market has but I feel like everything is always out of stock? I've been trying to place an order for months and everything I want is out of stock. Its really not that convenient when you cant get the foods you want.

2 months ago

I think Thrive market has a great selection of items but is probably not necessary for anyone who lives close to a Whole Foods or similar type of market. Occasionally they do have great sales on certain items that I'll take advantage of but personally I don't use it as my go-to for my regular weekly groceries because I can find most of the items in stores nearby.

2 months ago

I'm really on the fence about this company. I first went on the website just to see what products they had on their page but I couldn't unless I had a membership. A membership is 12 dollars a month which is a lot for a college student. I made a membership just to give it a try. They have some great products that are pretty marked down. But it really is a place to just to get snacks. Another tidbit to keep in mind is, it's a little difficult to cancel your membership. You can't cancel it from your account, you have to do an online chat with customer support. Even then when you ask to cancel they offer you deals to keep being a member. I tried to cancel my membership just because I don't have the money right now as a college student, so they offered me a two months free membership fee. Which I am not complaining about at all. I just think that it could be a little annoying to anyone just trying to cancel their membership and not wanting to go through all the negotiation.

5 months ago

Thrive market is a useful way to order, or try, new grocery items. I received a free membership when I signed up using my student email. The items are packaged well and prices are reasonable. Back when I was living in California, I didn't use this service as much because I have similar grocery stores, such as Sprouts, near me. Now that I'm moving out of state for school, I'm using it much more because the grocery stores near me do not carry many options for my dietary preferences.

2 months ago

They honestly have a really great selection of products and I enjoy being able to explore the brands on here. The annual subscription is worth it in my opinion if you are someone who likes being able to easily shop those newer CPG health brands. Some of them aren't easy to access IRL or you have to pay shipping to buy through their site so thrive market consolidates it which does make it easier and worth it if there are multiple products you like.