Activities & Outdoor


Founded by an Olympic skier, Halfdays combines fashion + function to create outdoor apparel for the modern woman.

Personal Plants

Personal Plants is a multimedia platform designed to support the home cultivation and processing of therapeutic plants.


Shoes made with natural materials, including corn fibre and algae. Hylo is the sportswear brand for Planet.


Classic pastime meets modern art curation. Premium adult puzzles that reflect the culture we live in. We give back 10% of every purchase.


Supersapiens training ecosystem-powered by Abbott’s Libre Sense-empowers athletes to optimize fueling, maximize training & increase performance gains

We Drifters

Premium bamboo sleepwear infused with tech to keep bugs at bay. Designed for peace of mind – perfect for your adventures at home or away.


The world's safest bicycle helmet isn't a helmet, it's an airbag. Hövding is an innovative airbag bicycle helmet from Sweden.

Four Point Puzzles

Four Point Puzzles is a Canadian jigsaw puzzle company with a focus on contemporary art and design.


The grow-your-own veg and herb subscription for gardeners who don't know what they're doing.


At Olivers, we make premium athletic staples reimagined for the 21st century.

Ordinary Habit

Founded with a mission to design artful games to help people relax and get off their devices, our products are made to encourage calm.


Whiled is a leisure brand creating goods designed for downtime, starting with a collection of artful jigsaw puzzles.


The personal, portable cutlery set that comes with its own dishwasher.

Dough Dealer

Easy to make Bread Kits with quality first ingredients sourced from small and farmer-founded companies. Bake bread with us.


Lovevery is an early learning brand with a mission to give families a support system for a brighter future.

Wearable X

High tech yoga pants? Wearable X makes experiential apparel designed to elevate fashion through haptic feedback and integration with technology.


DIY Terrarium Kits and Workshops. Leafage is driven by a single purpose – to inspire inner growth by nurturing through nature.

Intelligent Change

Intelligent Change guides you to a more mindful way of living. We create simple tools that focus on cultivating gratitude, self-reflection and growth mindset.

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