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Solawave makes a 4-in-1 skincare tool to rejuvenate all skin types.


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12 hours ago

Influencer for Solawave

Solawave gave me some products and I absolutely fell in love! Their skincare products are 10/10 and do exactly what they describe they do.

Solawave Moisturizer Solawave Plumping Peptide Serum

2 months ago

I have tried the wand with the red light for a couple of weeks now and my face does look clearer.

4 months ago

Marketing agency

When this brand first came out I was super intrigued. I ended up working with them on marketing and got a wand for free and truly love it. It's compact and easy to use.


Highlight recommend the red light wand - I personally haven't tried the blue light.

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5 months ago

To me, the SolaWave Wand is a nice but unnecessary addition to my routine. The heat and vibration feels nice, and I think of it as a few minutes to slow down and just breathe while I use this, but it's not really clear how much it's helping. I took daily pictures of myself for a few weeks when I first got this product (6 months ago), and it did seem to help with the appearance of fine lines. That being said, it's hard to isolate whether it was using this product that did it, or the beauty oil I use with it (from a different brand), or the fact that using this meant that I was being more diligent with all steps of my skincare routine than I had been previously. I think when it comes down to it, I've enjoyed having it, but if I lost or broke this product, I don't think I'd bother replacing it.


If they provided more scientific testing that controlled for use of other products to show efficacy, I think I'd be more interested.

3 months ago

I am a happy customer since I started using my solawave in November of 2022. After experiencing the wonderful effects of microcurrent at Heyday, I decided to purchase a Solawave 4-in-1 wand. I consistently use it at least 5 times a week during my evening skin care routine. My aesthetician can see a difference. My skin is firmer, especially in my cheeks and neck. People can definitely see a difference. My face glows... and it is not because I am constantly in the sun. I have upgraded to the newest wand with Galvanic current. I love the on/off button and the higher amount of LED red light.

5 months ago

Received a free product from Solawave

I got a Solawave device to test. I couldn't tell how much impact it was having on my skin, but it did seem to turn on and buzz (running down the charge) at random times when I was not using it. Overall, it's a great concept but might need a little more oomph to make a difference in my mature skin.

6 months ago

Sale or special offer

It's a great tool to prep your skin before a big event or special occasion. I used this tool every day for the first 6 months but with little to no permanent difference in my skin. It plumps your skin nice and thus now I use it mostly before going out and putting my makeup


A good add-on tool to have on your vanity. I love this tool specially for travel

4 months ago

I've used my solawaves for about 6 months now, on-and-off about 3 times a week. I like the luxury feel of them, but am not sure if they are making a huge difference in my skin. I have both the red and blue light devices, but find that the red-light is used far more often. Pros: The device forces me to do the self-care steps that I might be more inclined to skip if I didn't have to take the time to use it, so I do believe that that alone improves my skin. I love how small and easy it is to use and take with me. I will sometimes use it while I am walking around my house in conversations, and that kind of multi-tasking is a win for me. I love the heat and the vibrations - it feels so relaxing and lovely. Cons: Not really sure how much it is doing... but that doesn't stop me from using it. It is pricey as well, so not exactly a cost-effective skincare tool if you are looking for a quick fix.

10 months ago

Just started using it and love how it feels on the skin. The vibrating massage and the heat are very pleasant. Have not used it long enough to post before and after pictures but looking forward to the results.


Fast shipping. Got it during a buy one, get one free special so also bought a blue light wand for my teenager. Very nice packaging and very easy to use.

9 months ago

The most relaxing step in my routine is my nightly ritual with the Solawave wand. The vibrations + warmth are so relaxing especially working and living in a major city. The spot treatment has been a life saver as well, with blemishes extremely smaller the morning after use.