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Soft Services makes fragrance free physical exfoliant, chemical exfoliant, and daily lotion treatments for your skin.

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Soft Services Reviews

Soft Services reviews

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90% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Impressive aesthetic packaging
  • Effective on keratosis pilaris
  • Buffing bar smooths skin
  • Carea cream moisturizes well
  • Some products leave stickiness
  • Concerns about product availability
  • Pricey for some customers
  • Speed soak lacks hydration

Soft Services offers a range of skincare products that are highly appreciated for their aesthetic packaging and impressive effectiveness, particularly for conditions like keratosis pilaris (KP). The Buffing Bar and Carea Cream are commonly mentioned for their positive impact. However, some products like the Clearing Clay and Speed Soak Gel Moisturizer have been reported to leave a sticky feeling on the skin. Also, the brand's product availability and pricing have been mentioned as areas of concern.

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52 reviews

4 days ago

I tried the soap bar. No smells. Didn’t do anything. Felt like my skin was dry and sticky after using.

16 days ago

Packaging was NEXT level. Completed obsessed. Product quality is amazing too :) Will definitely be repurchasing!

4 months ago

Just starting out with Theraplush and really loving it so far. Beautiful packaging and simple/clean dispensing mechanism. My dry winter hands greatly appreciate my purchase!

2 months ago

I tried the Speed Soak gel moisturizer. This truly is a lotion for people who dislike putting on lotion as far as application goes, as it absorbs super quickly and doesn't leave a scent afterwards. However, I found that it left a cooling effect on the skin and made the skin feel what I can only describe as like I put on a water-based face primer all over my body? Tacky, but not outright sticky. It was bearable, but didn't leave my skin feeling super hydrated. I can see myself using the rest as a lotion if I'm putting on clothes immediately after, but not as something I can put on before bed to feel cozy and moisturized. I'd still consider this a lotion for lotion haters, but for people that only hate the task of applying lotion, that can deal with the feeling on something sitting on their skin. Will not repurchase.

3 months ago

I ordered the Buffing Bar, Carea Cream, Speed Soak, and Soothing Solution. I've been consistently using the Buffing Bar on my upper arms and legs and my skin looks better than it has in years. I really like the Speed Soak because I don't love the feel of lotion and I like that it's gel-like and absorbs quickly. I enjoy using the Carea Cream before bed, not too thick or thin. I haven't been consistently using the Soothing Solution, but am trying to use it more so I can gauge if it works for me. It feels a little sticky after applying, but honestly I've never really loved the smell and feel of a "stronger" product like this (10% AHA). Overall, I think these are some of the best skincare products available right now. I love that they're all fragrance-free. I want to try some of the new products that just launched!

2 months ago

I have really bad KP on my arms, and I’ve tried everything under the sun, but this buffing bar (and the carea cream, but I suspect mostly the buffing bar) has made the most noticeable difference in the least amount of time of any product I’ve tried. After using it 2-3x per week for the last two weeks or so, I have fewer bumps on my arms and my legs have never felt softer. The carea cream is nice too; it has a very thin texture, but a little goes a long way. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized without overdoing it. Only drawback is the price! $14 for one bar of soap is kind of ridiculous, even for “nice” soap.

5 months ago

I’ve got the clearing mist (works wonders for breakouts on body), theraplush care for hands (love my nightly ritual!) and just received software update serum. Super excited to try more of their products! 10/10 so far.

5 months ago

I don't know how they do it, but their products on on another level. The level of thought that they put in to their development, they efficacy, and on top of all that, the design is impeccable. The buffing bar was scary at first, it can be a little rough and it will leave blue residue on your tile (but doesn't stain!!). But it truly made my entire body smooth. I have those little red bumps on my arms, and my legs just never look smooth, but this bar truly healed, exfoliated and somehow moisturized all of my skin after consistent use over a couple of weeks. The soothing solution and tonig cream were also both fantastic. The solution and spray are a summer must-have if you get any kind of body acne or just red bumps from summer sweating or lots of cardio. The toning lotion is really moisturizing without any strong scent and I've used around cellulite to help smooth rougher spots. Lastly, the packaging is so stunning, and the unboxing was delightful! Whoever is packing orders and doing actual origami, I SEE YOU!

a year ago

This brand pretty much nails everything -- The branding/packaging is stunning. I haven't loved a branding this much in a while. AND the ingredients and products they offer are so innovative, and you can tell there was serious care put into the decisions of ingredients, texture/finish/feel, and packaging! I only have Theraplush (which is GENIUS by the way!) but am hoping to try it all soon!


Theraplush (recently launched / they can't keep in stock) is something I love to see from a brand. Something that doesn't exist, has modern design & is multipurpose & looks great on your nightstand, and innovative ingredients that solve a problem! Love it!!!

9 months ago

I received a full size Clearing Clay in a special edition GQ box. I double checked their site and see the product is no longer available. I can see why. I actually like the sulphur smell, but the product left my face feeling sticky after using it, which didn’t line up with the intended use. It looks like their product offering has decreased. I would still like to try other items in their assortment.

a year ago

My favorite brand out there right now. Every single product I've purchased (5 total) has been pretty much a slam dunk. Thoughtful and differentiated product experience and packaging is great too, but at the end of the day it's the efficacy that brings me back to Soft Services. Carea cream is great (reordered a few times), smoothing/exfoliating serum is good (not reordering just because it's not an active need for me), buffing bar is so good that I can't even travel without it for a few days. The new scent (New Spice!) is great but the old scent is just as good. I will try pretty much anything Soft Services puts out because they seem to crush it every time!


I bought Theraplush, the hand cream, which has a really cool packaging experience-- oh my god, it is the worst smelling hand cream on the planet. I believe it works, but it stinks to high heaven. It smells like rancid sour cream. Truthfully it is very hard to convince myself to put this on every night, even when I plug my nose. They note this on the product page now (I don't believe they did when I ordered!) and I know scent is quite personal, but if you're sensitive to the smell of... curdled yogurt... I would enter at your own risk!

2 years ago

I love the scrub bar. I was an early customer b/c I know the founders, but have become a loyal customer because of the quality of the scrub bar. I buy in bulk for free shipping for me and my husband. My husband is prone to dry skin, so it's become a part of his daily routine. It's made a noticeable difference. I also tried the skin lotion, but I didn't have strong feelings in any direction about it. But the scrub bar is a must for anyone with skin texture issues.


I found the serum's texture a little too sticky for daily use, but I think they reformulated. Definitely open to trying again once I run out of my current lotion.

2 years ago

Blew any and all expectations. Was just looking for some lotion to get my skin through the end of the dry winter and not only was this the best body lotion (Carea Cream) I've ever used but it's also the only thing I've found really helps the KP on my arms. Also the packaging is some of the most thoughtful I've encountered. A paper bag it's beautifully wrapped in you can recycle (so you don't need to add yet another reusable tote to your closet) and the outer box also breaks down itself making recycling a breeze

2 years ago

I bought the Theraplush hand cream and was quite disappointed. Who was going to tell me it smelled like that? I understand that the brand is fragrance free, but it really smells quite eh. It's not necessarily bad, it just isn't great. I was also a little disappointed with the packaging. The case is plastic? That might be on me though. I was expecting something different. As far as moisture goes - it didn't make a dramatic difference over night but I have high hopes and can see potential in the upcoming weeks! Updated review: The product made a huge difference in my hands through winter! The brand did however have a product recall as someone found mould in their container. They handled it well by sending everyone a refund for the items they bought.

8 months ago

embarrassing to admit but i never thought i'd stan a brand as much as i do with them. all of their aesthetic choices just scratch that part of my brain that needs beautiful little ✨things✨*~~ i've only tried their buffing bar in the 'new spice' scent so far and it's a great maintenance for chronic stubborn kp between hardcore exfoliating sessions

10 months ago

LOVE Soft Services. The buffing bar is truly an innovative product in my opinion - the bar leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized and I love the orange color and smell. I also have the shower gel and really like it, however, I don't think it is as much of a standout product as the buffing bar.

a year ago

I've only tried the Carea Cream and the Speed Soak, but both are effective products and only get better with more use over time. The skincare inside is effective, and each packaging element is well-made and sturdy. They also look great sitting out on your counter or vanity. The products are also all fragrance-free. Love the sustainability aspect - the packaging of the products itself is made with sustainability in mind, and the shipping packaging is thoughtfully created with recyclability and a fantastic unboxing experience. Even though the products are geared towards skin issues like textured skin, KP, and eczema, the high quality and beautiful aesthetic make them great for gifting. Although the price is not cheap, Soft Services offers a luxury product that is also high performing. Their website is so fun to navigate, clean yet incredibly informative, and downright beautiful. They really have thought of everything that a user might want to know about the product - even including a feature that displays the actual size of products. Honestly, this entire brand is made with such careful thought and embodies one of my favorite principles of design, which is crafting for delight. To top it all off, the customer service is amazing. I've been watching them since they launched, and it's cool to see how they've evolved and expanded their product line and company while still staying true to the original brand vision and mission. I cannot speak highly enough about this brand and would recommend it to everyone - textured/irritated skin or otherwise.

a year ago

Received a free product from Soft Services

Exfoliate bars worked great on me. Smooth. Received them at a How Long Gone show. Took home more for friends, they loved it. Will definitely try other products.

a year ago

received the smoothing set as a gift and noticed improvements to my keratosis pilaris within days. almost scentless (the smoothing solution has a subtle chemical smell but doesn't stay on you) which i appreciate. great packaging and design.


i am going to buy the smoothing set on a regular basis for the rest of my life.

2 years ago

Got the Carea Cream and the Buffing Bar - both fantastic, but was especially into the cream. Super lightweight, absorbed into skin quickly. I normally hate putting on lotion, but this made it easy! The bar's great as well, I don't have KP or anything so it didn't make a HUGE difference, but my skin was definitely smoother after using both products in conjunction!