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Snow Days makes grain-free pizza bites with organic, clean ingredients to offer a healthy spin on the famous childhood snack.


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3 months ago

Pretty tasty! No artificial ingredients and the kids enjoy them as summer lunches. Have only tried the buffalo chicken flavor and would like to try more!

3 months ago

I AM OBSESSED with Snow Days!!! My partner is celiac and I'm gluten intolerant, and we've missed lots of the snacks from our childhoods before we were diagnosed. These are basically adult pizza rolls and they're so delicious. The standard cheese version is amazing, but if you're feeling like something more sophisticated, the veggie ones are incredible. Couldn't recommend these more! I typically buy them at Whole Foods. :)

2 months ago

Delicious, elevated pizza bites made with better ingredients! Definitely at a higher price point than other options

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7 months ago

I love these! First "healthy" chicken nuggets I PREFER over your everyday store nugget! They are so yummy and I LOVE the branding!

a year ago

amazing. I grew up loving the Totino's pizza rolls and these are better! The crust is not super chewy and if air-fried it gives a nice crunch. The filling tastes pretty close to a fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella. I just tried the cheese but I am definitely going to try the other flavor offerings too. If you put these in the microwave, be prepared for the filling to pop out a bit!


I think the taste/texture is spot on. I would have liked to mix and match my flavors. I had to buy a 2 pack but wish I could have bought one cheese and one of the other flavors instead of 2 cheeses.

a year ago

i adore these! i tried all 4 core flavors with the variety pack. i make them in my air fryer and they come out like mini hot pockets. the flavor really packs a punch! buffalo chicken is my favorite one with veggie white being a close second :) also, shipping was only 3 days!


expensive!! would also love a bigger option tbh. i eat 4 of these per sitting and still feel like it's not enough

2 years ago

I am fully OBSESSED with this product. I’m a 90s baby who grew up on bagel bites and now I’m a gluten-free 30 year old who is taking back control of my health. These are the best and healthiest substitute for bagel bites that I’ve seen over the last few years and I’ve browsed the frozen food section plenty. Buy these now!! You won’t regret it. I like to cook mine in the oven for 9 mins, because I found that at 12 mins they started to explode a little bit.


I wish there were more flavors! I also wish it wasn’t so expensive.

2 years ago

What's not to like about pizza bites? They're tasty and the brand hits on the nostalgia factor that we all want.


The non-flour casing is a little strange. I appreciate that they're trying to use healthier ingredients but we're not totinos level yet.

2 years ago

I was really eager to tries these simply to see if they scratched a nostalgic itch. I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty they were, especially the veggie white flavor. The cheese flavored tasted pretty much identical to the ones I ate growing up, which I think is both a benefit and a drawback, since they taste a little artificial.

9 months ago

Pretty damn good! However, the package/quantity is extremely small for the price. If they could nail the price point I'd be all in.