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Savage X Fenty sells lingerie that makes people feel confident and sexy.


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a day ago

I am simply obsessed with Savage X Fenty because one, who doesn't love Rihanna? and Two, the brand is both size and gender/identity inclusive. There are so many sizes and colors to choose from, they offer discrete packaging and they have sales frequently.

a month ago

I will start with I love Rihanna. Even with that love, I don't just buy any and everything. However, I love my bras. I also love the underwear. It is important to pay attention to the care labels.

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20 days ago

I’m actually glad to see SxF here so I can rave about it! I was deeply skeptical of this, figuring it was just another “collab” that used a celeb to promote meh-quality clothes. Wrong!! I first tried Yitty (which I love, by the way!) and that made me realize that maybe I *can* trust certain names. The sports bras by SxF are now my absolute favorite. I have big saggy fat boobs and these bras actually make them look decent. I don’t get the uniboob and they’re not flapping around. My absolute FAVORITE one-time purchase has been the long fleece hooded robe. Mannnn is it a nice quality, and it’s held up to so many washings. The only caveat I have is to pay attention to sizing, especially for unisex items. I got a fleece onesie, and figured I’d go big to make it roomy. Well, it was plenty roomy, and super comfortable, BUT it was sooo long on my 5’5” self. To its credit, I did try to shrink it and it barely made a dent in the length. I ended up giving it away to a taller friend, and really I just wear the heck out of the robe anyway. So tall folks, this is great for you, which I know can be hard to find! Short and average folks, it’s good for us too, just watch the unisex sizes.

2 days ago

I have stocked up on the seamless pants, they are a great staple. I have received an incorrect order before and found the bras to be super uncomfortable.

23 days ago

I've ordered 7 items from this brand before cancelling the subscription. The clothing items (robes, loungewear, etc.) fit very comfortably and fit to size. The undergarments are ill-fitting; some fit too small or too large, but rarely to size. The bras run small and lack support. I would not suggest their bras for anyone with larger than a B-cup.

4 months ago

Their products are good, & the price is decent when you are a member. Unsubscribing though is a huge pain & they make it so difficult. I felt the subscription model wasn't necessary as I didn't need that many new products

a month ago

I purchased 10-12 pieces before canceling the membership. All of the pieces were cute but the sizing varied wildly and the quality of most items was very poor with holes and fraying appearing after being washed. Even the member prices are way too high for the quality and the membership was a huge hassle to get cancelled.

2 months ago

Love the options she gives for lounge wear and lingerie, truly something for everyone. Sometimes the price can be out of range for the product quality, so I like to pick up during big sales, etc.

a month ago

For their menswear, products are kind of hit or miss. Their trunks and boxer briefs are pretty solid, but their briefs have a super annoying seam overlap that digs into the skin and irritates. The styling and inclusive sizing is great! Just wish some of their men’s products functioned better