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OOKIOH offers inclusive, modern and fun swimsuits made with regenerated materials.

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My OOKIOH suits are so fun and flattering! I have a one-piece and a two-piece. I bought both of them on sale, and probably wouldn’t pay full price, but I’m really happy I have them and continue to seek out suits from the brand. I will say that the first suit (the one piece) is a *little* bit small, which mostly manifests in riding up my butt a little bit (although I guess that almost seems like the point with current swimwear trends), so I sized up in the two-piece, and that one is a little loose around the waist (it’s high waisted). They’re both still wearable, though, and feel like they’ll last a long time!


As noted above, the sizing hasn’t worked out for me perfectly yet.

High qualityCool look & feelSustainable products
9 months ago