Oat Haus

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Oat Haus makes various flavors of granola butter, a nut-free and oat-based spread.

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Oat Haus Reviews

Oat Haus reviews

Best of Thingtesting4.4

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Reviews mention

  • Addictive nut-free alternative
  • Delicious variety of flavors
  • Great addition to breakfast
  • Clean ingredient list
  • Limited application range
  • Lack of nutritional benefits
  • Grainy texture
  • May spike blood sugar

Oat Haus offers addictive and tasty granola butter with a variety of flavors that are perfect for breakfast food and sweet treats. However, there are concerns about its limited applications, lack of nutritional benefits, and grainy texture which may spike blood sugar levels.

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62 reviews

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18 days ago

I was using this in school lunches and both of the kids enjoyed it and the packaging is cute. It was a nice little change from our ordinary staples

a month ago

This is addicting!! My favorite flavor so far is brownie batter! I would love suggestions on how to eat it though because I find myself eating it with a spoon (the best way) haha

Brownie batter

4 months ago

I love this granola butter! Huge for yogurt bowls and other kinds of breakfast food! I point off because I wish it had more applications, but definitely fun for a morning treat!

a month ago

Cookie butter was pretty amazing. Delicious as a dip for fruit or a spoonful out of the jar as a quick sweet treat. Not so amazing for sandwiches.


4 months ago

I've only tried the original granola butter but it was delish. I don't love how there aren't many nutritional benefits, but it's great for a sweet treat.

6 months ago

As someone who can't eat nut-butters I was really excited to see there was another type of "butter" that I could try. When I saw it at my local grocery store I immediately grabbed it. I was pretty disappointed how expensive it was and that it didn't have as much protein as most nut-butters. I tried the vanilla oat butter with some apple slices. I loved the sweetness of the butter and it reminded me of a cookie. I was not really a fan of the texture, it was pretty grainy. But I would definitely eat it again.

a month ago

its good but you really have to get used to the texture. it is much different than any nut butter. it almost has a grittiness to it. i tried the cookie dough one and while i wouldn't eat it straight from the jar, it would be good on toast, oatmeal, yogurt, or fruit.

cookie dough

3 months ago

I started buying Oat Haus when they only had a few flavors. Such a tasty product that you don't have to feel guilty about eating. Love eating it by the spoonful or adding it to my oatmeal. Love the different flavors, but I always gravitate to the original.