Oat Haus

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Oat Haus makes various flavors of granola butter, a nut-free and oat-based spread.

Oat Haus reviews

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91% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Addictive delicious taste
  • Variety of unique flavors
  • Nut-free alternative
  • Great for breakfast foods
  • Grainy texture
  • Limited nutritional benefits
  • Causes blood sugar spike
  • Limited applications

Oat Haus granola butter is an addictive, delicious, and nut-free alternative to nut butters. It's a huge hit for breakfast foods such as yogurt bowls, and is greatly appreciated for its variety of flavors, including original, vanilla, and cookie dough. While it has several strengths, it also has a few weaknesses. Some customers find it grainy, and wish it had more nutritional benefits and broader applications. Some also find it too sweet, causing a spike in their blood sugar.

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