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Modkat is a modern day litter box.

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25 days ago

This is a really nice size, big enough for both my cats to fit in but small enough that we can slide it under the bathroom counter. The liners are really nice since they're easy to clean and mean the box itself doesn't pick up grime/smells, and make it easier to change the litter by taking the liner out like a bag and emptying it into the trash. Both of my cats use this without issue, although neither of them are very picky about their litter box situation. If you have a very picky or skittish cat, the liner might cause issues or scare them since it does cause a little bit of noise and movement when they get in the box. It is relatively expensive for a top-covered litter box, with the only addition being the liners. The liners also are always out of stock when I need to replace them, though hopefully that will improve with time. Overall, though, this is a solid option. If you have a little budget to upgrade your litter box, this is definitely worth the added convenience.

5 months ago

Really great litter boxes! I have two XLs for my cats, and they’re great for keeping litter contained inside a small apartment. I love that you can change the entry points and our cats seem to love it too 🙂

5 months ago

Modkat changed the litter game. This product is definitely worth the money not only for the way it looks but for its innovation.

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2 months ago

Minimalist and roomy enough for my cat! Even with upright design, there is still litter that gets outside the box. I like that you can replace the liners easily.

2 months ago

When we had our cat, this litter box was just what we needed. Short of being an automatic litter box that self-cleaned, it was perfect. It kept the smells hidden away and we'd get to see his little head peaking out whenever he was using it. It also looks really cool so it fit in well in our bathroom.

2 months ago

I received this litter box as a gift. The previous one I had was a similar style so my cat was used to dropping into the litter box. The design is really nice and sleek looking which is great when you have a small space and can’t really put it in a place that’s not visible. It’s easy to clean and I do believe they sell liners for them but I haven’t tried those out.

5 months ago

I bought my Modkat top-entry litter box over 5 years ago and it's still holding up! It's great at preventing litter from scattering all over the floor and it looks really sleek. It came with tarp liners that I soon realized were completely unnecessary. The box is easy to clean and the included scoop works well. My 3 cats all prefer their larger, uncovered litter boxes but one of my cats uses the Modkat litter box almost every day. She weighs 12lbs and she fits in the box fine. It's definitely expensive for something made of plastic, but it's held up well over the years. I would recommend this to someone who wants a luxury-style litterbox that doesn't take up much space and controls litter scatter really well.

2 years ago

ModKat is a higher end litter box but definitely worth the price. I have a small apartment and my cat would track litter everywhere with other litter boxes. The top entry forces him to shake off most of the litter on his body and the intuitively designed lid makes it easy to clean. The replaceable liner is also clutch --I've had my ModKat for almost 5 years and it's well-made, chic and easy to use!

3 years ago

The simple, modern design. The fact that the cardboard box turned into a fun toy for our cat.


The hinges on our Modkat Flip are not great. When lifting up the lid to clean the tray, the hinges nearly always come off and the lid falls off. Size measurements on their website. The Modkat Flip is larger at the top than bottom, and the measurements didn't account for that. As a result, we weren't able to put the box where we originally planned. I think their support was slow to reply to a couple of our questions, and didn't answer one of them properly.