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JOI makes a collection of zero-waste, plant milk concentrates.

JOI Reviews

JOI reviews


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10 reviews

2 years ago

I really enjoyed this! It takes me a long time to finish even a pint of milk so this has allowed me to make less and waste less. I've also enjoyed that they have a few different types of nut milk to choose from depending on what you're feeling.

a year ago

I tried the oat milk powder and enjoyed it but didn’t purchase again because it is pricey. You can basically make the same thing yourself by blending oats and water - just a bit more work. I do love that the bag is compostable.

9 months ago

I rate Joi as a 2 simply because I can appreciate what they’re trying to do. I recently ordered Joi because I use almond milk every single day and buying almond milk was getting expensive. Joi unfortunately doesn’t taste good or have good texture. No matter how much you blend it, put it through a cheese cloth, or add salt/vanilla extract/cinnamon, it just doesn’t seem to be a great experience. I’ve tried following their recipes online and it just wasn’t working for me. There are often chunks of almond concentrate that don’t get blended and settle to the bottom of the bottle you’re storing it in.

a year ago

Got both the cashew and the oat milk starters. Not a fan of the oat version as the powder never really absorbs fully into water to make a milk substitute. I use the cashew milk base weekly but wish it lasted longer in the fridge. I store it in an airtight container and it still only takes a few days to turn slimy. I may try freezing it.

a year ago

I love the idea of this and the execution was great. I don't drink a ton of milk and this really allowed me to only make as much as I needed. I love that its sustainable and can be used for a lot of uses as well, to thicken soups, sauces and added to desserts. highly recommend!

a year ago

I love using Joi to make almond milk at home. It's very easy and I love eliminating all of the packaging waste associated with cartons of milk purchased in the store or online. It tastes delicious and has no sweeteners or other additives.

a year ago

I've only used their oat milk powder, and I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do. It's tasty, not obnoxiously expensive, and great for single people, or people who only use oat milk sparingly since you can choose how much you make at a time. An innovative way to make a water based product more sustainable, and the texture's great! Not at all grainy. Also, I spotted them at a refill store on time and think it's great their working with that type of business model. Would love to try some of their other products.

2 years ago

I bought this for my partner, a soy milk drinker, in the early days of the pandemic -- so we'd have a long-term supply of soy milk that didn't eat up all our storage space -- and because it's much more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out for him. I think he used like 1/3 of it, but the texture was just a little grainy and he never really took to the whole process of mixing it himself. I would definitely try it again, though, as in concept I love the idea.

2 years ago

I love the brand's mission of not adding all the added supplements and ingredients that most dairy alternatives do. My favorite is by far the cashew milk base (so good in pasta sauces). It mixes pretty well for coffee, but my reason for giving a 4/5 is the powder would not mix in water. When I tried to mix it in both cold and hot water both times it clumped up and I could not drink it in my coffee.


The powder pouch would be better if it dissolves or mixed easier, the bases in the jar are delicious and the perfect addition to baking and cooking dairy free!