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Hydrant makes electrolyte drink mixes you can take on the go.


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a month ago

I found Hydrant to be lacking, especially compared to Ghost, Cure, Prime, and Liquid IV. The ingredients are not different from the competition. The flavors options and taste just isn't there.


4 months ago

Friends with Hydrant

Love Hydrant! It's one of my go-to hydration powders.

a month ago

My go-to hydration boost—post work out and post evenings out.


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2 years ago

At first I thought there’s no way I could be marketed to and convinced to buy dissolvable powder that makes ✨ better water ✨ but then I realized I’ve already fallen for it. My post alcohol mornings after now necessitate a Gatorade so I figured I’d give this a try. Long story short - I love it. Tastes delicious (my fav flavors are Grapefruit and Orange Mango), dissolves easily (with barely a stir and in cold water), and is more environmentally friendly than a giant plastic bottle filled with liquid. I feel noticeably better when this is part of my routine :)


Bit pricey so I’m still trying to convince myself into being a regular subscriber especially when I’m not perfect about taking one every day, it’s usually a special occasion / weekend indulgence. Also don’t love the iced tea flavor.

a year ago

I use this more often than I'd like to admit-- the immunity packets are really fantastic, and I truly do feel like they've kept me from getting sick or run down many times. I have also experimented with the caffeinated packets, though immunity is the only type that I consistently have on hand.

2 years ago

Cd, digital

Forget Gatorade and Powerade... I'm Team Hydrant all the way. This hydration mix is for literally everyone. Mixing one in your water makes all the difference. Have a more productive day, stay focused, and sleep better. I even mix lemon or lime into my cocktails for a flavor boost and it 100% prevents hangovers. Other hydration mixes are so overpoweringly sweet and make my mouth dry. Hydrant packs a subtle hint of flavor and it's a great enhancement to water. Their caffeine SKU will give you more sustainable and healthier energy compared to a toxic RedBull. Please do yourself a favor and buy a pack. You won't regret it.


Wish the packets were bio-degradable to prevent more waste.

2 years ago

Have only tried the hydration mix but really happy with the product. I cycle 3-5x per week and hydrant has become a staple in my water bottle. Great flavors, that aren't too sweet. I'm a big fan of the blood orange, pink grapefruit, watermelonade, and orange mango.


Honestly, not much. If anything the individual packets feel a bit wasteful. I would love to see some sort of dissolvable packaging if that is even possible? Either way, relative to buying bottles of (insert sugary sports drink name here) this is a much better alternative!

2 years ago

Really makes a difference in how I feel on a daily basis. The ones with caffeine are great for a hangover ;-)


I really dislike the packaging - both the branding and how hard the packs are to open without scissors or a knife.

8 months ago


these are really refreshing and not too sweet. the flavors are wonderful and don't taste synthetic.


More flavors!!

a year ago

Super yummy and felt great after I drank it. Honestly have tried a handful of these types of electrolyte drink mixes and it seemed like one of the rests so I didn't find anything different or special from this one particular.