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Huron, a men's skincare brand, creates high-performance men's grooming products that are clean, cruelty-free, and made in America.

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Huron Reviews

Huron reviews

17 reviews

2 months ago

I know Huron is marketed as a men's skincare brand, but I am absolutely obsessed with their products. I've also had the chance to hang out with the founder a number of times, and he's an awesome dude. All of their products smell amazing - body washes, hair care, fragrance, etc. My bathroom literally smells good for 2 hours after I shower because the body wash is so awesome. The packaging is really aesthetically pleasing to look at in the shower, too. I love that the shampoo and conditioner don't leave any weird residue in my hair, and the cleansers have my skin smelling fresh for hours. Can't recommend Huron enough!! Great for a little self-care treat, or a gift :)

4 months ago

It's a pretty clean product, and I found the body wash to be extremely effective. Just a little squeeze was enough for me to wash my whole body, vs. other "clean" products that I feel like need a tremendous application to clean. Also bought the pomade which has a lovely scent and appears to be more conditioning than most hair styling products I've used to date. Big fan here!

3 months ago

Super functional ingredients, and scents are great. Reminds me of Malin+Goetz at half the price. Highly recommend.

3 years ago

This body wash is next level! With witch hazel to erase B.O at the source, incredibly moisturizing and foamy, and smells incredible! You just have to try it to believe it… it feels so nice on the skin & leaves my skin feeling completely hydrated!


The skincare could definitely use some improvement. In my book the Body Wash is holy grail status, but the skincare could go without fragrance. I think with some more innovative ingredients it could go a long way!

8 months ago

Just tried out the hair duo, styling cream, and spf. The hair products smelled great and worked great! While the spf was too oily for me, their customer service made up for it!

3 years ago

I've tried the face wash, lotion, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner and I think they're all really solid products. I would say the body wash is their holy grail and for guys who are into this kind of stuff initially Huron is a great introduction and routine builder and the stuff does smell good.


Compared to a lot of other higher-end skincare products these can feel a little more like drug store quality products

6 months ago

I'm just not really sure what's so special about this brand. There are alternative men's grooming products that are cheaper, cleaner, greener, better smelling, and so on and so forth. I for one bought the starter kit hoping for products with clean ingredients, as they sell themselves as "no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones or aluminum," and yet they use Fragrance/Parfum, which just acts as an umbrella term for who knows how many dirty chemicals.

2 years ago

I got a free sample of their soap and didn't realize this was meant to be a men's brand. I still like it! The soap smelled like orange and sandalwood, it was lovely.

a year ago


I received a sample of Huron body wash as a promotion with a Pizza Boys run club. I was hesitant because its marketed as men's skincare, but the body wash smells amazing!

a year ago

Huron is honestly one of my favorite lines of body care. The scent is light, distinct, and creates a very pleasant experience. My hair and skin feel soft and moisturized without any residue or film. And, most importantly, I feel and smell CLEAN. So many of the other mens products in the space emphasize a heavy, masculine scent that leans more toward a shave and cologne scent, but Huron really nailed the end product and it feels luxurious while maintaining an accessible price point.