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Crown Affair makes high-quality hair care products from clean ingredients and effective formulations.

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2 days ago

This is a worth it splurge for me! The dry shampoo works so well for my hair. It also smells amazing- the boar bristle brush is great and keeps my hair looking so smooth. I will 100% repurchase!

a month ago

The crown affair products make me feel rich rich – the scent is so elegant and makes me want to buy their signature scent that they recently came out with. I use their leave-in conditioner post shower and also as a refresh boost; it's super lightweight and I will definitely be re-stocking. I also have their dry shampoo which I also love, it works super well and also has a nice applicator brush for the powder, making it a really travel friendly product. I have the boar bristle brush as a well which I only use when I straighten or blow dry my hair, but it leaves it feeling so silky and tamed. The leave-in conditioner comes in a glass bottle with a pump, which I intend on re-using. The weight of the bottle and super chic design definitely adds to the lux quality. The price point is definitely higher than I would normally be comfortable spending so I try my best to purchase during sales, but it's also worth budgeting for.

The Brush No. 001The Dry ShampooThe Leave-In Conditioner Cream

18 days ago

The leave-in conditioner and conditioning mask has been a game-changer. My hair is so much smoother, and the best part, it smells AMAZING. Love the crown affair signature scent. I have also tried the shampoo and conditioner and was not disappointed. Such a cool and aesthetic brand.

Hair maskThe Leave-In Conditioner Cream

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21 days ago

Crown Affair's hair clips are beautiful and work well. Great product design!

2 days ago

Okay soooo I will say this product smells amazing and the packaging and presentation is very luxurious! However, I'm not really sure it does much in terms of actually being a good dry shampoo. My hair runs oily. I used this on day 2 and after about 2 applications w the brush there was virtually no difference. I also have dark hair and I feel like it made my scalp look... flaky lolol. Don't know if I would repurchase, esp at this price point!

The Dry Shampoo

7 days ago

If you can afford the splurge, this is the brand to go to. I love the scalp serum and leave in for my wavy hair. The products feel so luxurious and I’m dying to try more.

The Leave-In Conditioner CreamScalp serum

2 days ago

I need to try more products from this brand but the dry shampoo is life changing. There are so many nasty chemicals in spray dry shampoos and this one is clean. I love the brush applicator, it allows you to get the product exactly where you need it.

The Dry Shampoo

14 days ago

The hair oil is my new go to! I recently tried a new hair oil and severely missed the Crown Affair one.

The Oil

a day ago

I use their brush daily. My favorite piece is the hair towel and even travel with it. I’ve gifted it 4 times now as well. I have thick hair that goes past my shoulders and this is perfect. The fabric is thin and somehow wicks away the water (I wrap my hair dripping wet). The towel stays very well given the ability to twist tightly, the tucking elastic band, and the fabric sticks to itself.

The Brush No. 001Towel

3 months ago

Received a free product from Crown Affair

Loving the shampoo and conditioner - feels like a luxury experience every time I use it