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Cometeer Coffee makes incredibly delicious coffee that gets sent straight to your freezer door in a tiny little recyclable capsule.


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9 days ago

These are a gift from my sister-in-law, and I love them really great flavor and super easy to make. They are the real deal

2 hours ago

I love cometeer. The coffee is excellent and I love that they work with different roasters so I get to try new coffees. It’s so easy - from the subscription to making it. I used to make myself a pour over every morning, or go to the coffee shop. But this is cheaper than going out and as a busy working mom, it’s a must for my household. Pro tip: try thawing and pouring cold milk over for an instant iced latte.

a month ago

horrible business practice. I signed up for free trial and apparently there was a VERY fine print which meant I signed up for recurring shipments every month. They sent me a new shipment after the free trial and charged me $75. I called to explain that I didnt want that and didnt know I had inadvertently signed up for membership and I would be happy to return the coffee for refund. They refused to refund me and proceeded to charge me anyway. Buyer beware here! Really terrible customer service and sneaky business tactic.

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2 months ago

Don't take me wrong - I think Cometeer is an innovative company, and every pod of Cometeer I've had has been a great cup of coffee. BUT. I have to say that if you already have a smooth coffee setup at home (in my case, a Moccamaster + amazing coffee from a local coffee shop) I don't see the point in switching over to Cometeer. It's a ton of extra and unnecessary packaging (aluminum tins and cardboard packaging vs just a compostable Moccamaster filter). And the price tag is insane IMO. My Cometeer pods ended up being convenient backup pods in the freezer for the odd day when we had run out of our normal coffee. So for that I guess I'll give it a couple extra points.

6 months ago

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I didn't want to like Cometeer. I thought it seemed like another unnecessary coffee delivery system and I was pretty happy with my own methods. I have been totally proven wrong. The pods are so easy to use and are so foolproof, especially if you have an electric kettle. The flavor is noticeably amazing--I'm not a coffee snob so usually don't notice the difference in taste but really could with these blends! I haven't tried them iced because it's been cold and the hot version is so easy, but when I reorder I definitely will. I'd especially recommend these if you have a normal somewhat complicated/time intensive coffee routine, and want some options that are a bit faster. They're a bit expensive for me to have every day, but would love to keep them around as a easy special treat.

4 months ago

Super quick, literally pour over hot water. Best tasting instant coffee I've ever had.


I like being able to try different coffees as well. The only thing I'd change is to make it a bit more affordable

6 months ago

We LOVE Cometeer Coffee in our house! They partner with some of our favorite roasters (Hi, Counter Culture Coffee!) and it's so delicious! I've had plenty of coffee concentrates that didn't quite hit the mark, but hot or cold, Cometeer is on point. We keep them in our freezer for whenever we need an easy second cup during our work day!

3 months ago

I appreciate that these pods are recyclable. I’ve tried coffee from 5 different roasters and they all have a slight chemical taste. For anyone who is used to drinking Keurig coffee regularly, these are likely a step up, but I wouldn’t say these capture the flavor and complexity of the specialty roasters they feature.

a month ago

Really cool concept and technology that preserves the tasting notes of coffee. The coffees I’ve gotten have all been delicious and cafe-quality, with minimal effort. Like even less effort than making coffee at home. But it IS more expensive, so I did end up cancelling, especially as the amount of packaging it came with every shipment. I know you need the dry ice to keep the coffee frozen, but I think they could innovate on the packaging to use less materials. Maybe they’ll have corporate subscriptions in the future? I think targeting offices could reduce the amount of waste since they could ship more pods with less packaging (plus, office coffees everywhere really need an upgrade.)

4 months ago

I keep waiting for instant coffee to level up and Cometeer is a really strong contender for how instant coffee should be sold. I only tried one of the Onyx blends and used it as an iced coffee. I was surprised by how complex the flavors were. I would like to try more someday but definitely not ready for a subscription and am pretty turned off by the subscription pricing model.


As for the packaging, I know it says the aluminum capsule is recyclable but I find it hard to believe that small amount is going to be reused. I like to think it is though as all of us wishful recyclers do...