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Brightland creates custom blends of authentic olive oils and fruit-forward vinegars sourced from California.


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3 months ago

Received as a gift and used quite a bit for meals, specifically meal prep. Would definitely recommend!

6 months ago

It's tough to pull the trigger on expensive olive oil, but luckily Brightland's quality is worth it. We love lemon infused olive oil, champagne vinegar, and balsamic vinegar. Best used with salad or fresh bread ❤️

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3 months ago

This product is absolutely amazing! I'm in love with the packaging, and it makes for a fantastic gift for family and friends. The olive oil itself is truly exceptional, both in terms of its quality and beauty.

a month ago

I've tried multiple flavors of Brightland and think they all taste great. Their packaging is beautiful and looks great on the counter. I think that it's a little hard to pour it out and you end up getting too much at once sometimes, but other than that great product. I especially love the lemon olive oil.

a month ago

Perfect gifting idea for the food enthusiasts in your life. Looks great on any kitchen counter!

2 months ago

I was gifted their "Awake" oil, and I can absolutely taste the Brightland difference! The flavor is rich with a lot of depth, enough to elevate any dish! Full-bodied, nutty, buttery...think warm/cozy rather than light/bright. It's great for any dish that features EVOO as the star ingredient (pasta, crispy potatoes, garlic break, EVOO cake, etc). I enjoy it simply with cracked pepper to dip with warm bread. Love that they have gift sets (that I will most likely just snag for myself). Sure it costs a pretty penny, but totally worth it if you want to elevate your dishes. (Shout out to their design team. Their packaging and branding is chef's kiss!)

3 months ago

I received this through my imperfect foods order, so I love that they utilize this great tool! The packaging is great and the flavor is delicious!

5 months ago

Pros: yummy olive oil, beautiful design, a lovely gift, appreciate the traceability. Cons: expensive, it's impossible to pour without spilling everywhere (it just dribbles down the side of the bottle) unless you buy an additional pour spout (which I have not)


If you use olive oil primarily for finishing or for dressing, I think it's definitely worth a try. But if you're like me and mostly just use it in a cooking context, I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes from a cheaper alternative.

3 months ago

I've had a few of the olive oils, I bought them through Misfits market so they were discounted. The oils were very tasty, light and bright, but I think they're priced too high if you're buying at regular price. The bottles do look very pretty when displayed on counter.