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Bachan's makes a variety of Japanese-inspired, all-natural barbecue sauces.


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23 days ago

I love the gluten-free sauce, but I do wish they would make some of the others gluten-free as well

23 days ago

I love their bbq sauce. I use to all the time as a glaze for wings.

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a month ago

The spicy BBQ sauce is so amazing. I've used it on chicken, fish, veggies, and as a sauce. Can't get enough of it and will definitely repurchase!

a month ago

These sauces taste AMAZING. I literally could put them on anything, and it would taste good. I've tried it on chicken, meat, and vegetables. So far, I have tried original and yuzu, but I prefer original. Literally no complaints about it. I've seen that they have changed their packaging to their tops, and I can't wait to finish my current bottle to see how they've improved. Everyone who likes Asian sauces needs this in their fridge.

2 months ago

SO good! I put it on everything. Only qualm is that the top of the bottle can get clogged.

3 months ago

Tried this sauce 2 different a topper sauce and as something thrown into a wok with veggies. It's not something I'd normally like but wanted to give it a try and it just didn't hit with me or anything it was put with, even for different methods of cooking and different ingredients. This is just a personal preference because my son actually really liked it.

a month ago

OMG! this is so so so good i love it i eat it on everything! i am gluten free and i love the gf sauce! i'm so glad that they have a option for people with gluten allergy but i wish all the sauces were available in gluten free form! but its still a great sauce.

3 months ago

So good - I always have it in my fridge. Over eggs, meat, rice... what doesn't it go with?

3 months ago

Bought a huge bottle of this at Costco and oh my god! I’ve put this sauce on just about everything. It’s so delicious, has a great deep flavor, and cute packaging. I wish it was just a litttleeee bit thicker so it was more of a dipping sauce than a liquidy marinade. Still great to drizzle on practically anything.