We're Not Really Strangers

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We're Not Really Strangers sells a card game with carefully crafted questions and wildcards designed to deepen relationships.


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We're Not Really Strangers Reviews

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14 days ago

I enjoy this game—it’s a fun thing to play with someone you’re getting to know / don’t know extremely well. A little less fun with someone who really knows you.

3 days ago

Cute set of cards and really innovative when it peaked a few years ago! I followed the creator when they were just putting this project together. Loved their merch as well. The cards are a great way to spend time w a loved one


9 days ago

Perfect game to play with those closest to you. The cards have topics that spark interesting and deep conversations, that may not always come up naturally. I really enjoyed my time playing.


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23 days ago

I gave this to a friend as a gift and it ended up being a gift for myself as well - it's a really great start point for wonderful, deep conversations with the people closest to you. If you want to get closer to someone, I think using this deck is a good way to start.

15 days ago

Love these cards, great convo starters! Also have the relationship version and have used that!

Relationship Expansion PackFriend

6 days ago

tried this with three of my friends I didn't know too well at the time. We were all in tears by the end. I hope they keep releasing new versions of the cards. A really intimate way to get to know someone.


10 days ago

Would play again/recommend to friends who want to get deep with a partner or friends. Do not recommend with exes 😂

8 hours ago

I loveeeeee this card game. It is the perfect way to have easy fun conversations but also gives you the opportunity to dive deeper. I have the card game & the couples edition. You can play this over and over again and still learn something new about you & others!

a month ago

I've wanted to play WNRS for YEARS. My boyfriend and I recently played about a month ago and not only did playing it make me feel closer to him, I felt like I got to know more about myself. Really beautiful and intentional. When he asked me out, he gave me the relationship pack so we can continue to play! So special and sweet. I love WNRS.

Relationship Expansion Pack

3 months ago

I love the brand mindset and the note that they gave. I've bought the cards and have a really good game.