Stumptown Coffee

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters offers high quality fresh roasted coffee.

Stumptown Coffee Reviews

Stumptown Coffee reviews


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6 months ago

Always a solid choice- when in doubt, pick up Stumptown. Thankfully they are also very well distributed at this point, making it easy to find a bag or a can at most local grocery stores.

6 months ago

Some of their coffees are better than others but overall Stumptown has great offerings, and I can often find it on sale at Whole Foods. They actually have excellent cold brew concentrate, and at a really good price. I usually go for the single origin Ethiopian coffees because I like brighter, more fruity coffees and I'm never disappointed.

9 months ago

Honestly pretty over hyped. There are sooo many better independent roasters who are more innovative & have higher quality coffee.

2 years ago

I love the oatly cold brew and the very strange but surprisingly tasty strange magic cascara soda.

3 years ago

Living in Portland, Oregon for several years, Stumptown was definitely a staple coffee I came across a lot. And it's great at exactly that, a staple coffee. There is definitely better coffee out there to find but this is reliable and easy to come across usually and always solid

2 years ago

BIG Stumptown fan! I love their beans and their pre-packaged oat milk coffees/lattes on the go. Highly recommend the Hairbender blend - that's my personal fav!

3 years ago

I have frequented the 8th St. Location in NYC and like the espresso, but struggle with the bitterness of the coldbrew and regular coffee. More of a personal preference for smooth coffee. Also the associates are not always that friendly. But very cool vibes! I have never purchased a bag of coffee to brew myself.

3 years ago

Love love loveeeeeee this coffee brand. Coffee is 🔥 Packaging is 🔥 This isn’t my everyday coffee because of the price but I always like to treat myself to it once in awhile!

3 years ago

I've been brewing Stumptown and patronizing their cafes for years. I think, even as they've scaled, they've been able to maintain the high quality of their product. They also have quite a variety of beans from various origins, altitudes, roasts, etc, which makes it easy to find something I'll like every time I order.

a year ago

Awesome coffee. I buy these from my local Fresh Market. Some of the tastiest and highest quality coffee that is easy to find and for a good price. I really enjoy making a french press with their beans. It's not too oily. They have a ton of awesome flavors.