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Sound makes carbonated, bubbly drinks infused with organic tea, botanicals & fruit extracts.

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2 months ago

We used to buy Sound for my company's office (they still might, I just left the co for another gig) and I loved it! The blueberry was my favorite. Flavors are light and natural-tasting. Carbonation isn't too aggressive. Love that they have light caffeine & caffeine-free options. Made with great ingredients, and free of both real & fake sugar. Definitely recommend if you're looking to switch up your beverage rotation!

4 months ago

I tried these based on a sponsored ad. The ad money was well spent, and so was my money. That said, it felt like a one time purchase. The cost for the case was expensive relative to the slightly higher than average quality compared to other similar drinks.

4 months ago

Had them at work a couple times. Taste subdued but great, and have interesting flavors. Work no longer carries them though and they are far too expensive for me - $30 for a 12 pack of 330 ml cans? A third of the price gets you nearly double the liquid with something like Liquid Death’s flavored options (and for similar macros). Good product, but it seems the product-market fit they found is for a higher tax bracket than I.

3 years ago

I thought the packaging was sleek and I liked the flavor a lot. I thought it tasted very natural vs. fake.


The flavor though was a little muted for me but I could have picked out one that's more mellow. I would try it again.

9 months ago

The packaging is truly captivating! I must commend them for the diverse array of drink mixes they offer, which I genuinely appreciate. However, I have noticed that at times, the taste seems slightly diluted and watered down. Nonetheless, apart from that minor observation, it is definitely worth giving a try as it offers an overall enjoyable experience.

a year ago

I think these are not for everyone. They're very barely carbonated, not a super strong tea taste, more of a flavored water and with very unique flavor combinations. If that entices you, you'll probably like this, and if that's sounding like not your cup of tea, I'd say look elsewhere! I have bought the Grapefruit several times and I will probably buy it again. It's what I reach for when I'm not in the mood for an actual seltzer and I don't want caffeine.


I would certainly love these more if there *was* caffeine in them... just saying! I'm not opposed!

a year ago

Packaging is a ten out of ten and the product is tasty! I found the flavors to be super mild and would think of this product as a seltzer with a hint of tea. Really unique flavor pairings like blueberry cinnamon hibiscus tea and tangerine lemongrass green tea (my personal fav).


Would love a more tea-forward flavor!