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Simplehuman designs minimal, functional products for your home.

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Simplehuman Reviews

Simplehuman reviews

Reviews mention

  • High quality products
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Innovative functionalities
  • Poor customer service
  • Overpriced products
  • Expensive replacement parts
  • Unresponsive communication

Simplehuman is a brand that offers high quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing products like trash cans, soap dispensers, and shower caddies. Many customers appreciate their sleek designs and ingenious functionalities. However, the brand's customer service is often criticized for being unresponsive and frustrating. Also, the brand's products and replacement parts, such as trash bags, are considered overpriced by some customers.

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116 reviews

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24 days ago

My wife made fun of me for buying a SimpleHuman garbage can. I had read the reviews and when I saw it at Target, I put a garbage can in my cart. Needless to say, the garbage can was a hit! My wife loves it now too 😀

Trash can

2 days ago


Even though they are pricey, they are 100% worth the cost. Today I finally replaced my 14 year old and 55 L trashcan. Not for any other reason, but with a change in our kitchen, it no longer fit the space properly. It’s still in perfect working order and still looks great so we’re gonna add that to our outside bar shed. My husband usually can’t understand spending “that kind of money” on a garbage can but he had no problems this time because he loves the garbage bags which are also top quality. Added bonus the lid closures make them dog proof- they can’t lift it with their nose. If you’re thinking about it and on the fence because of the cost, do not hesitate.

Trash can

3 days ago

I've had a trash can from them for years and love how easy it is to clean. The bags are kind of expensive at first, but they're super sturdy and I'm never worried about leakage.

Trash can

25 days ago

I bought a small mirror from simplehuman about two years ago And it broke and I wrote back to the company to get a replacement or replacement parts for my broken mirror They said no part nor a Replacement. After many correspondents they offered a little discount to buy other mirror which could break again. Don’t buy anything from this company, they don’t stand behide their products! You have been warned

Sensor Mirror

a month ago

I order the 13 Gallon foot pedal version. The quality is excellent and the bucket rest and lid lock make changing the bag a breeze. No need to lift the entire can out of the enclosure anymore.

Trash can

2 months ago

There are so many things that I love about Simplehuman's products - in my dream world, I live in a SimpleHuman optimized home. Some of my favorites from their line: - Trash Cans: their step can trash cans are so high quality. They live forever. Mine has lived through multiple moves (and we all know how moving bangs stuff up). Only "con" here is that you have to use their fancy trashbags, because their liner inserts are weirdly shaped. I found an off-brand company that sells them on Amazon for cheaper though, so that's my hack to make life easier. - Sensor Mirror: One of those weird simple pleasures. Wireless and if you have it turned on/charged, it lights up when you approach. Great for tweezing, perfecting your eyeliner, etc. - Sensor Soap Dispenser: I hate cleaning the gross sticky soap that accumulates on the side of your hand-pump soap dispensers and dish soap dispenser. This totally alleviates that frustration and keeps things looking clean in my kitchen/bathrooms. TLDR: Their stuff isn't cheap, but it truly does live forever, optimizes some of life's little inconveniences, and can help you live more sustainably! Only docking one star for the fact that trashcan liners can be somewhat of a pain.

Trash canSensor MirrorSensor Soap Dispenser

3 months ago

I really like their garbage can designs/systems. The bags are a bit expensive, but luckily the company has been around long enough that the shapes/sizes are duped/replicated by other sellers. I love the cans themselves, I purchase liners/bags from other companies because the margin is noticeable and there isn't a perceptible difference in quality.

3 months ago

I’ve had my simplehuman trashcan for 5 years now and it’s in great condition. I don’t like their smaller home goods like sponge caddies because the size is awkward and I dont like how my scrub daddy sits in it

Trash can

a month ago

Have seen various products over the years, but I will tout their trash bins as top tier. Be mindful of their sizing, because they try to force you to use their brand of garbage bag. I do use regular garbage bags, but I have tried three different size bins, and some fit nicer than others. They stay clean, and last the daily use.

Trash can