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SHHHOWERCAP creates a new kind of shower cap redesigned for form and function made with premium nano-tech water-repellent fabric.




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20 days ago

This company is terrible..I've sent numerous emails asking where are my response to my emails. They've charged my credit card. I placed my order in November 2023 and still no response. I'm so angry they could have responded and said something like "Gotcha sucker!" but nothing. I will seek what recourse can be taken all I want is a refund!


a month ago

Look, their website is a mess. I think they were taken over by Shopify and it went very poorly. But if you ever do get your order you will never go back. I tried one and immediately ordered one for all of our houses and an extra one for travel. 10/10.


a month ago

Completely ineffective customer service. I ordered a Shhhowercap for my mother for last Mother's Day. I've been back and forth in emails with their customer service team, and even though many were affected with this issue, and they were aware, the only resolution was to send me new shipping label information, but the item was never received both times. I understand that third party issues can be challenging, but I don't understand how you could run a business this terribly. They are just stealing money from people and need to be held accountable.

3 months ago

Disgruntled customer

I had placed an order with Shhhowercap over a year ago, and the item that they sent me was defective. I had to submit proof about the defect, and they promised that they would send me a new item( I did try to order a new Shhhowercap again in July 2023), but so far, they have failed to send me a replacement item, my new item or reimburse me. The CEO sent out an email to a number of people in August 2023, promising to straighten everything out, and so far she has not done so. Previously, I had bought a Shhhowercap at a department store and I have enjoyed it and the quality was quite good. Now, the quality is quite poor with defects and the CEO has been placing ads for items which are not delivered. Currently, she is trying to snow people with "Black Friday Sales" discounts. I hope that she gets shut down and is forced to reimburse everyone that she has ripped off.


4 months ago

Been waiting a year and still no product or refund! Fraudulent company to still be taking orders and not fulfilling them.

3 years ago

When you want to feel like a bad b**ch in your own home it's simple... wear a Shhhowercap! I think this is innovation at it's finest. It's simple shower caps suck and don't work. This product solves more than one problem and it really works. I gifted this to all the women in my life and they are obsessed. But sometimes I want to feel bougie when putting on my Crown Affair hair mask and I'll wear one too. I also dyed my hair for the first time and this has helped me to keep the color in longer.


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10 months ago

DON'T BUY. Too many red flags, poor quality that doesn't match the price, and full of claims that aren't met. Ever notice how the positive reviews are short with no issues mentioned, while the ones rating Shhhowercap contain MUCH more information? Keep in mind people can rate things on here without actually using the product, so with how scammy this company has been it would be unsurprising if the owner is paying for positive reviews. In terms of an actual review: It sounds the same as a $3 shower cap with higher comfort and the same "frizz fighting" ability. Other brands also offer stylish options that actually work, instead of this one that squeezes even a small head to the point of headaches (due to too little fabric) and has a print quality that looks more like a mosaic than something befitting of a $50+ shower cap. There's also very little room within the cap with next to no stretch and does not cover the hair on the back of my head. It took a week to get a receipt that the order had been received, and I had to reach out to them (with no response but immediately shipped the day after) to finally get my product shipped after three more weeks, but shipping was very normal. EDIT: I ended up deciding to return it. I was within their 90-day return window, have gone through the proper steps, and contacted their provided email when my return wasn't processed after a week. They did not respond for months, and when they did, they said it was outside of the window when it was, in fact, within the window written on their own website. Just don't buy it.

3 years ago

I never thought someone could make a showercap feel "luxury" but this really feels awesome to wear. It doesn't leave lines on your forehead and the designs are fantastic.


Not much for me - maybe make larger sizes to be more inclusive of people with lots of hair, but it was not a problem for me at all.

6 months ago

Ex customer

I ordered 4 caps ( $166) in November. Never got tracking number or caps. Have written to them dozens of times. They give lots of excuses ( Migration - what the heck does that mean) I have repeatedly asked for a refund. Never got it. Now they tell me to wait till Sept 30. WHY?? The CEO is asking people to pre order caps now and pay for them . I feel like this is a pyramid scheme in full bloom. SO DO NOT BUY FROM SHHHOWERCAP. There are many more people in the same boat as I am in. Look on Trust Pilot or SHHHowercap fails on facebook. Any good reviews posted must be written by the owner of the company. I cannot select a tag since none are negative and I never received a refund or product..

6 months ago

DO NOT ORDER THESE SHOWERCAPS FROM www. They continue to take orders, immediately charge your payment method, and rarely ship your showercaps. If you reach out asking for a shipping date, they will not have one or promise to ship and they never come. They refuse to refund orders that have not been delivered for months. Before ordering check them out on Better Business Bureau website (F rating) to read multiple customer's accounts. Google shhhowercap reviews. Do not order any shower caps sp you do not get scammed by this business.