Jackie J 1 Review

    5 months ago

    Disgruntled customer

    I had placed an order with Shhhowercap over a year ago, and the item that they sent me was defective. I had to submit proof about the defect, and they promised that they would send me a new item( I did try to order a new Shhhowercap again in July 2023), but so far, they have failed to send me a replacement item, my new item or reimburse me. The CEO sent out an email to a number of people in August 2023, promising to straighten everything out, and so far she has not done so. Previously, I had bought a Shhhowercap at a department store and I have enjoyed it and the quality was quite good. Now, the quality is quite poor with defects and the CEO has been placing ads for items which are not delivered. Currently, she is trying to snow people with "Black Friday Sales" discounts. I hope that she gets shut down and is forced to reimburse everyone that she has ripped off.