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Recess produces sparkling water and powder mixes infused with hemp extract and adaptogens aimed to calm your mind and boost your mood.


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23 days ago

The sparkling water is okay, you can mix it with many flavors. However, the packaging is so cute.

10 days ago

Recently quit drinking and obsessed .I buy the powder packets and add to my own sparkling water.. The tangerine grapefruit is my favorite flavor and rose is decent too. All the cans taste good, but I prefer to add to a cup at work. Calms me and no weird flavor in the powder. It gets chalky in the cup, but not an issue just need to stir up really well. I also like that you can buy a larger powder portion. Swapped my wine for these drinks and NEVER going back.

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10 days ago

I love the taste as well as how chill they make me feel. It's definitely perfecr for a good relaxing moment after work.

14 days ago

I'm meh about this product. I love the branding, I love the ingredients... I find their flavors to be bland and I think they need a higher dose of hemp to actually feel a shift in your nervous system. I'll stick to taking pure CBD oil.

17 days ago

Omg. Recess has permanently replaced my evening glass of wine. Smoothed off the edge and tension of the day without the morning grogginess.

4 days ago

Refreshing CBD soda. Didn't notice any of the functional claims: calm, mind-boost etc.

11 days ago

Amazing flavours - so much so that the effect can sneak up on you. More than once I've pounded these like seltzers and then stood up too fast but will always believe these are one of the best alcohol alternatives out there. Wish they shipped to the UK.

8 days ago

Influencer for Recess

I have had a great experience with Recess- I love their drinks, and their mission. They love to work with creators as well! :)