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Recess produces sparkling water and powder mixes infused with hemp extract and adaptogens aimed to calm your mind and boost your mood.

Recess Reviews

Recess reviews


71% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Unique and enjoyable flavors
  • Potentially calming effects
  • Attractive packaging design
  • Wide availability in stores
  • High price point
  • Inconsistent mood benefits
  • Some flavors fall flat
  • Limited noticeable effects

Recess is largely appreciated for its unique and enjoyable flavors, and its adaptogenic benefits are also recognized by some users. However, the brand is often criticized for its high price point, and some consumers do not experience any noticeable mood benefits after consumption.

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404 reviews

2 days ago

Love the taste! And LOVE how relaxed and up-beat it makes me feel.

4 months ago

I have no interest in dry January and I barely drink as it is. All that said, the mocktails from Recess are good any month of the year and in any setting. The mule and the marg stand out for me. I will definitely be adding these to my regular beverage rotation.

4 months ago

I loved this drink however the price is unaffordable and it would be cheaper for me to just drink an alcholic beverage.

2 months ago

I'm sorry - I love the branding and their social, but I have tried a few times (several flavors) and just hate the taste.

5 months ago

love black cherry and grapefruit!

4 months ago

Love the CBD effects in Recess. I’m not a big drinker and love having a recess on hand to feel included in backyard BBQs and with friends.

6 months ago

this has become my fun little treat when i want to feel fancy. i don’t drink alcohol anymore and this has been my wind down drink to treat myself at the end of the day. delicious and healthy

3 months ago

Like the concept of this water but didn't like all the added ingredients. Wish they had something without the unnecessary ingredients.

4 months ago

Love this drink! Taste great but not sure if it calms my mind so much but who cares when it taste this good. Was not a fan of the strawberry rose but I am not a rose girl . Not so easy to find. I had to order off amazon.

5 months ago

Obsessed with this brand just wish it was easier to find!

5 months ago

I love, grapefruit flavored stuff, and I did not like this. It didn’t taste like real grapefruit. There was no zing.

6 months ago

Love the way these make me feel, but the flavors are all quite strong.

5 months ago

Love recess for a stressful day. The flavor options are so good too.

5 months ago

Nice alternative for sodas

5 months ago

the flavors are slightly hit or miss. blackberry chai is my favorite. i genuinely feel the calming effects, i attribute it to the L-theanine. drinking one of these after work is so much better than a glass of wine. i'd give anything to find these in stores near me! ordering soda online just feels over the top.