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Recess produces sparkling water and powder mixes infused with hemp extract and adaptogens aimed to calm your mind and boost your mood.

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Recess Reviews


Tasty! Did not notice any effects after drinking a full can. Maybe 2 next time? 8/10 ⭐️

Has no effect 🤷Tasty 😋
a day ago

very yummy!

Cool look & feel
2 days ago

These have a slight medicinal quality to them. I do feel a slight but calmer after drinking one of these. Also another “healthy” soda for someone with an acquired taste.

Cool look & feelLove the brand's mission 💕
4 days ago

While on one of my sprees to cut alcohol out of my life, I decided to do some research into hemp-infused products. I landed on Recess because it had some decent reviews online and they were running a pretty good promotion. The flavors are decent, but I wouldn't say they're delicious. I ended up adding some mango nectar in at the bottom and it makes it taste way better. As for the calming effects, I can't say I experienced a noticeable improvement, but it was nice to open up a can and mix up a little "mocktail" for myself at the end of the day. If it were more affordable, I would most likely be a repeat customer.


Pricing is a little steep.

Innovative productCool look & feel
5 days ago

I tried the peach + ginger flavor and thought it tasted good and was refreshing. However, it did not live up to the brand's claims of creating a calming + mood boosting effect - based on my experience, that aspect sounds like a marketing stunt.

Cool look & feelHas no effect 🤷Tasty 😋
6 days ago

These are overall good. They taste good and aren't super sweet or bitter... they're a happy medium. I wish there were still options, but the carbonation isn't too extreme. I'm not sure I felt more "zen" but it was a good alternative to a soda. It is a bit pricey and probably won't become my go-to drink.


Still options, maybe bundle options for a deal.

Has no effect 🤷Tasty 😋
8 days ago

I think I felt somewhat relaxed and clear-headed, but it was hard to really point fingers on the results. I had the pomegranate hibiscus, which tasted good–not too sweet, but very refreshing. Was $6 I must mention, which made me feel slightly less relaxed.

High qualityCool look & feelLove the brand's mission 💕
14 days ago

It was okay. I wouldn’t actively seek this brand out. It’s too expensive and there’s better sparkling water out there. You do get a slight “chill” effect from the hemp, but not enough to deem it worth it in my eyes. I tried the orange one and the flavor wasn’t bad, but I just didn’t love it. The packaging is cute tho


Price, quality, maybe something more interesting than just cute packaging.

15 days ago